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About me

Andrea Walsh Life Story and Value
Andrea Welsh

Hi everyone! My name is Andrea Welsh, and I am here to help you select the best mattress. Why me? Because my story is very much like yours, and I know that my experience can help those who are not aware of all the peculiarities of mattress choice yet.

I started off as a regular woman who needed home accommodation: my husband Rick and I bought a home, and so we needed to make it liveable. Picking furniture and choosing room designs was a piece of cake to me - I enjoyed the process as it was fun and creative. Yet, when it came to organizing our sleeping spot, I understood that it would be harder than I ever imagined.

What mattress will let me sleep healthy? What mattress can provide me with perfect tough-soft balance? What mattress would fit my bed, finally? What types of mattresses are there, all in all?

All of these questions kept emerging on and on as I was surfing the Internet and walking around the stores in a search for my perfect mattress.

Finally, I have made my decision, and Rick and I could sleep in our bed at last! To be honest, It tools us more than two weeks to do that global research. There are a lot of things one has to consider when buying a mattress.

  • Type of mattress
  • Firmness of mattress
  • Your health issues
  • Your body type and height
  • Your sleeping position

And that is the very least!

Now when I know all that, I can’t help but share my experience and be your assistant in mattress picking. Hope your choice will be easy and fast!