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Allswell Mattress Review: Is It The Best Budget Brand?

allswell mattress in bedroom
  • Segment: Budget 
  • Allswell mattress materials: Foam, springs
  • Organic: No
  • Risk-free trial period: 100-night trial
  • Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
  • Allswell mattress shipping and returns: Free shipping & returns (recycling fees are nonrefundable)
  • Who will love it: people looking for budget mattresses, those who want to have affordable hybrids, stomach and back sleepers looking for a bit firmer and very supportive bed, sleepers looking for a mattress that wouldn’t trap too much heat
  • Who won’t love it: people looking for a luxury mattress, those who want to have an organic mattress, strict side sleepers looking for an extra soft bed
allswell mattress reviews

Are you looking for budget and high-quality mattresses? Allswell has a few great beds to offer to customers in the US. None of Allswell mattresses costs more than $900, and the cheapest one costs only $375 for queen size. Sounds good, right? But what should you expect for the money? How wide is the range of products? Does the company offer a warranty? What complaints do customers have? What is special about each mattress model? You will find the answers in this Allswell review

Allswell company details 

  • Owner: Arlyn Davich
  • Awards: Best Hybrid Mattress according to Sleepopolis, Best Budget Mattress, Best Mattress for Money, and Best Mattress In A Box according to Sleep Foundation
  • Other items the brand produces: bed frames and toppers, bedding (pillows, bed basics, duvet sets, sheet sets, blankets, and coverlets)

What to expect from Allswell mattresses: is this brand worthy of consideration? 

Allswell brand is owned by Walmart led by Arlyn Davich. The company produces some of the most budget mattresses on the market, provides a 10-year limited warranty and a free 100-night trial. Delivery is free, but if you order White Glove Delivery, it will cost you $149. Currently, Allswell mattresses are available all over the US. Note that a 100-night trial applies to all mattresses besides crib mattresses.

allswell mattress brand

Quick overview of Allswell mattresses: warranty, weight limit, layers

Allswell offers 4 affordable mattress models. Let us take a closer look at each of them.

Mattress nameThe AllswellThe Allswell Luxe HybridThe BrickThe Allswell Supreme

A supportive medium-firm hybrid that works for most sleepers

Advanced version of the Allswell mattress with cooling features and better edge support

An Allswell hybrid with a firmer top layer of foam, made in the USA

A hybrid with Euro-top and better temperature regulation features, great for couples and hot sleepers

Weight limit

230 pounds for one sleeper

230 pounds for one sleeper

230 pounds for one sleeper

Also works for heavier sleepers who weigh 230 pounds and more


You’ll have your mattress replaced or receive a refund if there are manufacturing defects and faulty workmanship.

The warranty will be voided if: 

  • The improper foundation was used
  • The mattress was misused or damaged by an owner
  • A heating pad or electric blanket was used with a foam mattress

Same conditions for all Allswell mattresses

Same conditions for all Allswell mattresses

Same conditions for all Allswell mattresses


Allswell negative reviews

Most reviews are positive, but some customers note that they were not satisfied with the product. Many of them note that though a mattress looks great it didn’t fully expand, which is especially noticeable in the corners. Some of them also say that the mattress was too hard. Those who bought the basic Allswell mattress expected it to be made in the USA, but the bed was actually made in Indonesia (currently, only the Brick mattress is made in the US). Some note that the mattress is too noisy, and a few customers say that the mattress sags in the middle. 

allswell mattress

Koala’s wrapping up

So, is Allswell a good brand? Undoubtedly, it produces some of the most budget mattresses on the market. On top of that, it produces hybrids, which are usually more expensive than all-foam mattresses. Are these good beds for money? Yes, they are. These are quality products, but it doesn’t mean that they work for all. None of the mattresses produced by any brand are, actually. Allswell mattresses work perfectly for people looking for supportive beds, stomach, back, and combo sleepers, people who don’t like to sink into a bed too far. However, they are not organic, and of course, they are made from pretty cheap (yet certified and safe) materials. Strict side sleepers also think that most Allswell mattresses are too firm for them. Nevertheless, these are still very good beds for money, so if you like their characteristics, perhaps, you should give them a try. 

Allswell mattresses don’t suit you? Check out these

If you think that an Allswell mattress is not the best option for you, take a look at these brands:

  • Plushbeds — a manufacturer that produces the widest range of mattresses, including 100% organic beds
  • DreamCloud — two quality hybrids for reasonable prices
  • Helix — the widest range of mattresses for all sleepers
  • Leesa — from great foam mattresses to quality hybrids
  • Amerisleep — three budget yet high-quality models + three luxury versions


Can Allswell mattress be used on adjustable beds?

Yes, Allswell mattresses can be used on all types of frames including adjustable beds.

How much does it cost to return an Allswell mattress?

Returns are free, however, only the mattress price is refundable. Recycling fees are nonrefundable.

How popular is Allswell mattress?

Allswell mattresses are some of the most popular budget beds in the USA.

Where to try Allswell mattress?

Currently, the company has no showrooms, but everyone can order the mattress on the official website, try it for up to 100 nights and return it if they don’t like it.

Which of the Allswell mattresses are best for a side sleeper?

Allswell doesn’t produce extra soft mattresses, but the Allswell Supreme may work for a side sleeper due to the built-in Euro Top.

How long does Allswell mattress take to inflate?

It inflates within the first 48 hours.

How long does an Allswell mattress last?

It depends on the model you choose, but most Allswell mattresses usually last 5-10 years.