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Awara Mattress Review: Affordable Mattress And Bed Accessories

awara luxury hybrid mattress
  • Segment: Middle-market
  • Awara mattress materials: Latex
  • Organic: Yes
  • Risk-free trial period: 365 nights
  • Warranty: Forever warranty
  • Awara mattress shipping and returns: Free shipping and returns
  • Who will love it: back and stomach sleepers, compo sleepers, people looking for an extra durable mattress, couples looking for good motion isolation, sleepers looking for an eco-friendly bed, hot sleepers
  • Who won’t love it: petite side sleepers looking for a softer mattress, people looking for that plush feel
awara mattress in bedroom

Awara Sleep company is one of the manufacturers that produce organic, eco-friendly mattresses, bedding, and accessories. It promises that we will have “the best sleep of our lives, the way nature intended.” Does Awara keep its word? It really offers one of the most affordable latex mattresses on the market that features premium materials from all over the world and has a great home trial & return policy. But is it really worth buying? What else you should know about the brand and the mattress itself? You will find the answers in this detailed Awara mattress review.

Awara company details

  • Awards: Best Natural Organic Mattress 2020 according to Slumber Yard, Editor’s Pick Best Latex Mattress 2020, and Editor’s Pick Best Eco-Friendly Mattress 2020 according to Tuck, Best Organic Mattress 2020 according to Mattress Advisor
  • Other items the brand produces: bases, bedding (sheet set, pillow, pad, and duvet cover), and accessories (candle, yoga mat, and tote bag)

What to expect from Awara Sleep mattresses: is this brand worthy of consideration? 

As we have noted above, Awara produces natural latex mattresses. Now it has only one model — classic Awara mattress that features premium Dunlop latex and individually wrapped coils. The company offers 1-year night trial (much longer than trials offered by many competitors), free shipping, and free returns. Moreover, a forever warranty is provided.

awara brand review

Quick overview of Awara mattresses: warranty, weight limit, layers

Mattress nameOrganic Luxury Hybrid Mattress

A premium hybrid made of organic latex. It features pocketed coils, provides superb comfort, and works for all types of sleepers. 

Weight limit

Works for petite, medium, and heavy sleepers (> 230 lbs.)


If a mattress is defective, the company will replace a mattress with a brand new one. In 10+ years the mattress will be repaired and recovered. The warranty will be voided if:

  • The mattress was used on an inappropriate base
  • If it was damaged, abused, misused, or burned by an owner
Price for Queen size

$1,299 (with a discount) to $2,098 (without a discount)


Awara negative reviews

There are a few Awara Sleep negative reviews, but customers who experienced problems with Awara products note that the mattress felt uncomfortable when placed on the floor. Some also noted that the mattress arrived in a damaged box. More customers said that it was pretty hard to reach the support. 

awara mattress review

Koala’s wrapping up

So, what is Awara? This is a company that produces only organic, natural, and eco-friendly products. Currently, it has only 1 mattress model, but it is a pretty versatile one. In particular, it’s likely to feet light, medium, and heavier combo, back, and stomach sleepers. It may be a bit firm for light side sleepers, but some customers who have already purchased it note that it works for strict side sleepers, too. It is bouncy, super-lasting, and has plenty of rewards, so if you are looking for an affordable latex mattress that is shipped and can be returned within a year for free, maybe you should give it a try.

Awara mattresses don’t suit you? Check out these alternatives

What if Awara doesn’t seem the best option for you? There are plenty of manufacturers on the market, so you will find an alternative without any difficulty. Take a look at our top pics — we’ll be happy to provide you with more information on each of these brands.

  • Avocado — non-toxic, 100% organic mattresses
  • Purple — quality foam and hybrid mattresses that feature innovative gel Grid
  • Puffy — foam mattress & lux hybrid models for those who don’t want a latex mattress


Where to buy Awara mattress?

You can purchase it on the official website — Note that if you buy it from unauthorized retailers, the Awara warranty will be voided.

Where to try Awara mattress?

You can purchase it on the official website and sleep on it for up to one year. Within this term, it can be returned for free. This is the best way to test it. 

Where is Awara mattress made?

The company buys natural materials from manufacturers from various countries, and the mattresses are made in China.

How long does it take for Awara mattress to expand?

Usually, the Awara mattress expands during one day, so if you receive it in the morning, you’ll be able to sleep on it the same night. 

Is Awara mattress made in China?

Yes, it is. As we have noted above, the company makes it from materials ordered from different manufacturers in China. 

Is Awara mattress non-toxic?

Yes, it is made of natural and naturally derived materials.