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How To Find The Best Mattress For Sex: Our Top-7 Models

best mattress for sex

How To Find The Best Mattress For Sex: Our Top-7 Models

Choosing the best mattress for sex is a pretty easy task. It should be supportive, breathable, cooling, medium-firm or firm, and quite bouncy. The problem is people need mattresses not only for sex. Hence, you need to find a model that would be great not only for having fun but also for a good night’s sleep. Is it possible? Yes, it is. We choose 7 best versatile options for couples who need a mattress for sex and great sleep — so just consider all the information we provided and make your own choice.

Best mattress for sex: Koala’s top-7

NameSaatva Classic mattressCasper Wave Hybrid MattressThe Allswell Luxe HybridHelix midnightBear HybridLeesa Original MattressDreamCloud Premier
Price for Full size$1,099$2,156$545$750$1,032$799$1,099
Price for Queen size$1,199$2,336$645$899$1,112$874$1,399
Koala’s awardThe best valueThe best cooling mattressThe best budget mattress for sexThe best mattress for couples with different feel preferencesThe best mattress that provides health benefitsThe best memory foam mattress for sexThe best plush and supportive hybrid

* Please note that these are the current prices with and without discounts. We update them regularly, but you can click the link to check if the price has changed.

So, do you need a cooling mattress or a memory foam model? Are you on a budget? Consider your own criteria and main priorities and learn more about the most suitable option on the list.

Saatva Classic mattress overview: the best value

saatva classic mattress
  • Mattress type: innerspring
  • Firmness: soft, luxury firm or firm
  • Thickness: 11,5 or 14,5 inches
  • Trial and Warranty: 180-night trial, 15-year warranty

Saatva Classic is one of the legendary innerspring mattresses on the market. It comes in two heights — 11,5 and 14,5”, and if you are looking for a mattress for sex, we’d recommend choosing the thinner option. You can also choose between different levels of firmness. We don’t recommend the Soft version just because you are likely to sink into it during sex, but Luxury Firm or just Firm are nearly perfect. Such mattresses are bouncy and supportive enough. The motion isolation is not perfect but pretty good, so generally, it works for couples in daily life.


  • Soft plush top layer + support in the coils
  • Really breathable and cooling
  • Good for all types of sleepers
  • Great edge support
  • Durable


  • Might not work for lightweight side sleepers
  • Not the most affordable mattress

Other similar mattresses for your choice

NameLeesa hybrid mattressDreamCloud Premier
Full-size price$1,199$1,099
Queen price$1,499$1,199

Casper Wave Hybrid Mattress overview: best cooling mattress

casper wave mattress
  • Mattress type: hybrid
  • Firmness: medium-firm
  • Thickness: 13 inches
  • Trial and Warranty: 100-night trial, 10-year warranty
  • We bet you heard about popular Casper mattresses. Wave Hybrid is the most luxurious of them. The price is really high, but is the mattress worth this money? Let us see.

First, it is made of the highest-quality materials including natural latex. Moreover, there is lumbar zone support which is especially great for back sleepers — the layer of polyfoam is zoned, and there is the supportive gel pod in the middle of the mattress right under your lower back and waist. What about cooling? There are 3 layers of breathable foam, air channels, and also cooling gel — all this prevents overheating and makes a mattress a perfect option for couples. Edge support and motion isolation are pretty good, but not perfect, though.


  • Balanced foam feel
  • Best lumbar zone support
  • More durable than most other mattresses
  • Works for all types of sleepers, especially back sleepers
  • A really cooling mattress due to holes for airflow, gel & materials


Other similar mattresses for your choice

NameSaatva Latex Hybrid MattressPurple Hybrid
Full-size price$1,399$1,599
Queen price$1,599$1,699

The Allswell Luxe Hybrid mattress overview: the best budget mattress for sex

allswell mattress
  • Mattress type: hybrid
  • Firmness: medium-firm
  • Thickness: 12 inches
  • Trial and Warranty: 100-night trial, 10-year warranty

As you probably know, Allswell comes from Walmart, so you can expect all three mattresses to be pretty affordable. More importantly, each of them is a very good value. Though this Allswell hybrid is called “Luxe,” it is still much cheaper than most other models on our list. And it is still good enough.

This is a hybrid with pocketed coils that are very supportive and isolate motion perfectly, high-density foam that provides extra support, and pressure relieving and cooling gel-infused memory foam. The mattress isolates motion pretty well which also makes it a great option for couples. Generally speaking, this is a balanced hybrid — it feels soft enough due to the memory foam layer but you will not sink into it too far when lying on it or having sex on it.


  • Great motion isolation
  • Great mattress for the price
  • Nice memory foam feel and support
  • Works for back, combo, and light- and medium weight side sleepers


  • Might be too soft for heavier side sleepers
  • Too soft for strict stomach sleepers

Other similar mattresses for your choice

NameBrooklyn Bowery mattressLinenspa Hybrid Mattress
Full-size price$519.20$359.93
Queen price$559.20$466

Helix Midnight mattress overview: the best mattress for couples with different feel preferences

helix midnight mattress
  • Mattress type: hybrid
  • Firmness: medium-firm
  • Thickness: 12 inches
  • Trial and Warranty: 100-night trial, 10-year warranty

Helix Midnight is currently the most popular model from Helix company and no wonder. Just like all other hybrids, it is designed to be as comfortable as supportive. Memory Plus foam, firmer polyfoam, high-grade polyfoam, and pocketed coils make the mattress bouncy, very supportive and pressure relieving.

Unlike all-foam mattresses, Helix Midnight doesn’t trap a lot of heat, and this is one of the main reasons why this model is good for sex. Though it is pretty soft due to the top memory-foam layer, you can still move around on it easily. Generally speaking, it works for most couples with different sleeping positions due to its versatility, unless one of you is a heavier side sleeper.


  • Balanced feel, pretty responsive
  • Great for back, side, and combo sleepers
  • Perfect motion isolation and edge support
  • No overheating
  • Pretty lasting


  • Too soft for stomach sleepers

Other similar mattresses for your choice

NameThe WinkBedLeesa Hybrid Mattress
Full-size price$999$1,299
Queen price$1,199$1,499

Bear Hybrid mattress overview: the best mattress that provides health benefits

bear hybrid mattress
  • Mattress type: hybrid
  • Firmness: medium-firm
  • Thickness: 14 inches
  • Trial and Warranty: 100-night trial, 20-year warranty

Let us start with the cover. As we noted, it is the mattress that can provide some health benefits. So, the woven cover with celliant fabric can improve blood circulation and provide cooler and deeper night sleep. The memory foam comfort layer is pretty bouncy and pressure relieving, and again, this is good for sex as well as for sleep.

Pocketed coils, in turn, provide extra support which means that you will be able to enjoy a good sleep and have sex without sinking into it too far. It is pretty easy to move around on it, motion isolation and edge support are not perfect but still good enough. A lot of people note that the mattress took away their back and neck pain and improved the sleep overall.


  • Offers some health benefits
  • A really breathable mattress
  • Perfect balance of comfort and support
  • Works for most type of sleepers


  • Might be too soft if you are a strict stomach sleeper

Other similar mattresses for your choice

NameThe WinkBedPurple Hybrid
Full-size price$999$1,599
Queen price$1,299$1,619

Leesa Original mattress overview: the best memory foam mattress for sex

leesa mattress
  • Mattress type: all-foam
  • Firmness: medium-firm
  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Trial and Warranty: 100-night trial, 10-year warranty

This is the famous all-foam mattress from Leesa. Is it good for couples? Yes, this is a pretty good option, especially for those who love that plush foam feel but seek support and responsiveness, too. The comfort layer is breathable and soft, the foam recovery layer makes the mattress pressure-relieving, while the support level makes the mattress firmer and more supportive.

Lisa Original is also a cooling mattress, so if you and/or your partner is a hot sleeper, this is one of the best all-foam mattresses to choose. Motion transfer will not be a problem, too, and it is not noisy at all.


  • Versatile mattress
  • Nice bounce back
  • Plush, pressure-relieving, and pretty supportive
  • Very quiet, good for sex


  • Pretty thin
  • Chemical odor
  • Might be too soft for heavier sleepers

Other similar mattresses for your choice

NamePurple mattressCasper Original Mattress
Full-size price$999$846
Queen price$1,149$986

DreamCloud Premier overview: the best plush and supportive hybrid

dreamcloud premier mattress
  • Mattress type: hybrid
  • Firmness: medium-firm
  • Thickness: 15 inches
  • Trial and Warranty: 365-night trial, lifetime warranty

As you can see, DreamCloud is sure enough that this mattress is perfect to provide a lifetime warranty and offer a 365-night trial. So, what is so special about it? Well, when you look for a bed for sex, you should remember that you are going to sleep on it every night, too, and the truth is a lot of people like plush feel.

If you don’t want to sleep on a firm mattress but still look for an option that would be bouncy, supportive, and pressure-relieving enough, you should definitely consider buying the DreamCloud Premier. What is in it? There are breathable memory foam, high-density gel foam, supportive foam, individually pocketed coils, and foam base — all this makes it breathable, bouncy enough, and pretty soft at the same time.


  • Very lasting mattress, lifetime warranty
  • Perfect for hot, back and side sleepers
  • Extra height
  • Extended durability
  • Great value


  • Might be too soft for stomach sleepers
  • Not the best edge support

Other similar mattresses for your choice

NameLeesa Hybrid MattressSaatva Classic
Full-size price$1,199$1,099
Queen price$1,499$1,119


What are the main things to consider when picking a mattress for sex?

Here are the main criteria:

  1. Thickness — it should not be too high.
  2. Motion isolation — it should be good enough.
  3. Bounciness and thickness — you and your partner shouldn’t sink into a mattress too far.
  4. Cooling — a mattress should not trap much heat.

What is the best mattress type for sex?

A hybrid mattress is the best for sex. Hybrids are usually bouncy enough, cooling, and supportive. Innerspring mattresses are pretty good, too. Cooling and supportive foam and latex mattress might work as well, but it is more difficult to find the right model.

What is the best memory foam mattress for sex?

We recommend Leesa original mattress for sex —  is breathable, cooling, bouncy, and supportive enough. Motion isolation is pretty good, too.

Should I buy a mattress cover for sex?

It depends. If your mattress traps heat, if it is too soft, and if you sink into it, you can consider buying a quality cooling and firmer topper.

Memory foam vs spring mattress for sex — which is the best?

Innerspring mattresses are usually better for sex than memory foam mattresses. They are bouncier, firmer, and more supportive. 

Which mattress firmness is best for sex?

The mattress should be medium-firm. Experience shows that soft mattresses are absolutely not suitable for couples making love, because the body literally sinks into them and sharply restricts freedom of movement. Hard mattresses cause discomfort at the points of closest contact with the surface of the mattress - knees, elbows. Therefore, the most convenient models will be medium-firm with an independent spring unit.


Choosing a mattress for sex is not that difficult as you may think. There are pretty many bouncy, supportive, pretty firm, and breathable mattresses with good motion isolation. But it should be comfortable not only when you have sex. That is why it is this important to consider other criteria and your own preferences, too. Just take a look at our top-7 once again and choose the best mattress for sex model that will make you enjoy your lovemaking to the full and sleep well after it.