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The Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers — You’ll Find It Here

best mattress for stomach sleepers

The Best Mattress For Stomach Sleepers — You’ll Find It Here

What is an ideal mattress for a stomach sleeper? It depends on plenty of things from your personal preferences to health issues. Nevertheless, there are a few things that all good mattresses for stomach sleepers have in common. They are at least medium-firm (firm and extra firm products usually work well, too), very supportive, and deliver pressure relief, especially around your shoulders and hips. Just like any other mattresses, they are also supposed to have great edge support, provide good motion isolation, and feel comfortable. Is it possible to find at least a single mattress that meets all these criteria? The good news is there is not just one best mattress for stomach sleepers, but are 7 great options to choose from, and you can find all the information on each of them below.

Best mattress for stomach sleepers: Koala’s top-7

NameThe AllswellBrooklyn Bedding Plank MattressThe Purple MattressSaatva Loom & Leaf MattressThe WinkBed Plus MattressAwaraThe Casper Original
Price for Twin size$265$720$599$849$949$899$536
Price for Queen size$375$999$1,149$1,499$1,499$1,199$986
Koala’s awardThe best type of mattress for stomach sleepers with a good costThe firmest mattress for stomach sleepersThe most versatile mattress for everyone, including stomach sleepersThe best luxurious & customizable foam mattress for stomach sleepersThe best mattress for stomach sleepers who are heavier than averageThe best natural, organic mattress for stomach sleepersThe best all-foam mattress for stomach sleepers

* Note that these are the current prices with and without discounts. We update them regularly, but you can click the link to check if the price has changed.

Some may argue that it is pretty hard to choose one of the seven mattresses relying only on two criteria — the price and the award. We cannot but agree with them, and that is why we described each of the best mattresses for stomach sleepers in more detail. Consider this information and choose an ideal option.

The Allswell mattress overview: the best budget mattress for stomach sleepers

allswell mattress

Mattress type: hybrid

Firmness: medium-firm

Thickness: 10 inches

Trial and Warranty: 100-night trial, 10-year limited warranty

The manufacturer claims that this mattress is medium-firm according to their own “very unscientific” firmness scale. Moreover, the team of Allswell notes that they made their own research to make sure that the mattress feels “just right.” Well, a lot of stomach sleepers say that they succeed! This is the best budget-friendly and a pretty firm hybrid mattress on the market — it consists of wrapped coils, gel-infused memory foam, and woven top, which means that it is supportive, isolates motion, feels pretty plush, and doesn’t trap heat. By the way, it is also pretty thick but it is a bed in a box, so you just need to unpack it and wait until it inflates. So, the Allswell mattress is supportive enough for stomach sleepers due to coils and firmer foam, cooling, and very, very budget-friendly, which makes it a good option for almost any buyer.


  • 100-night trial
  • 10-year warranty
  • Low price
  • Individually wrapped coils provide extra support
  • High-quality medium-firm memory foam
  • Works for hot sleepers, stomach sleepers & back sleepers


  • May feel just okay
  • Is not too versatile

Other similar mattresses for your choice

NameBrooklyn Bowery mattressLinenspa Hybrid Mattress
Twin price$399.20$559.20
Queen price$239$466

Brooklyn Bedding Plank mattress overview: the best firmest mattress for stomach sleepers

brooklyn bedding plank mattress

Mattress type: 2-sided foam mattress

Firmness: firm and extra firm

Thickness: 11-inch

Trial and Warranty: 120-night trial, a 10-year warranty

Yes, you are likely to get it right — this is a really firm mattress, and that is why it is called “Plank.” If you are a stomach sleeper who needs the firmest mattress ever, you will hardly find a better option. It is made of high-quality and high-density foam, so it is not only firm but also very durable. It is also 2-sided and flippable. It means that every sleeper can choose between the firm and extra firm side. The latter has the 9th level of firmness, and that is just exceptional. By the way, there is also a great option for hot sleepers — you can purchase an additional top cooling panel that will prevent a foam mattress from trapping heat.


  • 2 sided, one side is firm, the second side is extra firm
  • Not too heavy and flippable
  • Isolates motion
  • Easy to unpack and set up
  • Feels surprisingly comfortable
  • Works for hot sleepers, stomach sleepers & back sleepers


  • Not the best edge support
  • Is too firm for many sleepers

Other similar mattresses for your choice

NameSaatva Classic MattressBrooklyn Bedding Aurora MattressLoom & Leaf Mattress
Twin price$799$799$849
Queen price$1,199$1,359$1,499

The Purple Mattress overview: the most versatile mattress for everyone, including stomach sleepers

purple mattress

Mattress type: hyper-elastic polymer bed

Firmness: plush & firm at the same time

Thickness: 9.25 inches

Trial and Warranty: 100-night trial, a 10-year warranty

What makes the Purple mattress stand out? Well, it is soft and supportive at the same time. Some may argue that there are a lot of manufacturers that claim to produce such mattresses, and basically, they are right, but they are not made of Purple Grid — the patented material, due to which the mattress remains soft under shoulders and hips and very supportive for your back. The Purple mattress does not even have the exact firmness level — it is a truly universal bed that works for all people, including stomach sleepers.

Why choose this mattress instead of firmer beds created only for those who sleep on their stomach? Well, it is perfect if you are sleeping with your spouse or a partner who has their own preferences when it comes to sleep — this mattress is likely to be a perfect option for both of you not only due to its versatility but also due to its breathability, cooling properties, and great motion isolation.


  • Breathable foam
  • Works perfect for people who move overnight
  • Hypoallergenic, durable, made in the USA
  • One of the most comfortable beds
  • Completely noiseless
  • Easy to set up


  • Not the most budget-friendly option
  • May trap heat

Other similar mattresses for your choice

NameCasper Original MattressNest Bedding Love and Sleep Mattress
Twin price$536$499
Queen price$986$699

Loom & Leaf mattress overview: the best luxurious & customizable foam mattress

saatva loom and leaf mattress

Mattress type: memory foam

Firmness: medium-firm (5-7), firm (9)

Thickness: 12 inches

Trial and Warranty: 180-night trial, 15-year warranty

Are you looking for a luxurious foam mattress that would be customizable and worked perfectly for all stomach sleepers? Look no further — a Loom & Leaf mattress designed by Saatva might be a perfect option for you. First, you can choose between 2 levels of firmness both of which work pretty well for people who usually sleep on their stomach — the relaxed firm (like medium-firm, 5-7 lvl) and firm (9th lvl).

So, if you are a combo sleeper, you can choose a bit softer option, and if you are a strict stomach sleeper, you can choose the firmer version of a Loom & Leaf mattress. By the way, it is also cooling, so it would be great for hot sleepers, too. It is also hypoallergenic and really durable (it comes with a 15-year warranty), so generally speaking, it is a good value.


  • Breathable & cooling
  • More durable than cheaper mattresses
  • Higher than most budget mattresses
  • Hypoallergenic, natural cotton cover
  • Easy to set up


  • More expensive than most other memory foam mattresses

Other similar mattresses for your choice

NameTempur Cloud MattressThe Cool Bliss
Twin price$1,189$1,114
Queen price$1,399$1,444

The WinkBed overview: the best mattress for heavier stomach sleepers

winkbed mattress

Mattress type: hybrid

Firmness: firm

Trial and Warranty: 120-night trial, lifetime warranty

If you are a larger person, you may look for some extra support. The WinkBed Plus mattress was the first luxury mattress designed for heavier sleepers. It consists of the pocketed support coils, high-density foam, and the upper layer of latex. All these layers make it really firm, however, the way it feels will depend on your weight: the manufacturer notes that people 300 lbs and more are likely to experience this mattress as a 6.5/10 while sleepers 200 lbs and under will experience it as an 8/10 (with 10 being the firmest.) Just consider this before you make a purchase. So, this is a great hybrid mattress that is cooling due to its cover, breathable due to the latex layer, and pocketed coils that not only support more weight but also isolate motion.


  • Comfortable and supportive (extra supportive under key areas)
  • Breathable and cooling
  • One of the most durable mattresses on the market
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Pretty bouncy


  • Quite expensive
  • Too firm for lightweight people

Other similar mattresses for your choice

NamePurple HybridSaatva Latex Hybrid Mattress
Twin price$1,399$899
Queen price$1,699$1,599

Awara overview: the best natural, organic mattress for stomach sleepers

awara mattress

Mattress type: hybrid

Firmness: firm

Thickness: 13 inches

Trial and Warranty: 365-night trial, lifetime warranty

What is the most important fact about this mattress? It combines the layer of all-natural Dunlop mattress with pocketed coils and has a nice and soft cover. It is very bouncy and at the same time very firm, so if you are looking for extra support (and even if you and your spouse are larger persons), Awara might be a good option. It is also a great option for those who want to move around without sinking into a mattress — it is very bouncy, too. As for motion isolation, it is good enough (not perfect, though), so Awara is a great mattress for couples.


  • All-natural, no chemicals
  • Very bouncy and breathable
  • Great alignment and support
  • Very durable, 1-year trial and lifetime warranty
  • Good edge support


  • May be too firm for lightweight people
  • May be too bouncy (especially for kids)

Other similar mattresses for your choice

NameBirch Natural mattressAvocado Green mattress
Twin price$1,049$899
Queen price$1,499$1,399

Casper overview: The best all-foam mattress for stomach sleepers

casper mattress

Mattress type: All-foam

Firmness: Medium-firm (7 out of 10)

Thickness: 11 inches

Trial and Warranty: 100-night trial, 10-year warranty

This Casper mattress was designed for all types of sleepers. It is all about different types of foam and the layers, which are soft but pretty responsive AirScape Foam, zoned memory foam, and polyfoam base. The main secret of this mattress’s comfort and uniqueness is in its middle layer: the center of the memory foam layer is much firmer than the head and the foot. Hence, it feels more supportive when you sleep on your stomach or on your back and feels softer when you sleep on your side. This is what makes this mattress stand out. Due to this technology, Casper is especially good for combo sleepers, too.


  • Soft and firm at the same time
  • Good ventilation and airflow due to the holes in the upper layer
  • Supportive enough
  • Soft and breathable cover
  • Zone support system
  • Pretty durable


  • Will hardly work for a heavier side sleeper
  • Quite bouncy, you will not slowly sink into it

Other similar mattresses for your choice

NameLeesa Original mattressPurple mattress
Twin price$624$599
Queen price$874$1,149


What mattress features are important for stomach sleepers?

First, a mattress should offer proper support and should contour the body and spread the weight evenly, providing great pressure relief, especially around hips and shoulders. Only medium-firm and firm mattresses can do it properly — if stomach sleepers purchase softer mattresses, they usually sink into them and get back and neck pain. A good mattress for a stomach sleeper should also be cooling, have proper edge support, and be bouncy enough to keep the body on the surface.

What problems can I have if I tend to sleep on my stomach?

The most common problems are anxiety, strained spine, pressure on hips, shoulders, and back, stiffness, and numbness. Most problems can be solved by getting the right medium-firm or firm mattress for stomach sleepers.

What is the most affordable mattress for stomach sleepers?

We recommend the Allswell mattress as the budget-free option for stomach sleepers. This is the medium-firm hybrid with coils that offers proper support.

Should stomach sleepers use a pillow to align the spine?

It depends. We recommend seeing a doctor before you decide to buy and use or not to buy a pillow. Nevertheless, hypothetically, a stomach sleeper can put a pillow under your stomach to relieve the pressure that is usually put on your spine. 

How do stomach sleepers can improve their night’s sleep?

There is no “one-size-fits-all” solution, but here are the things that can improve your night’s sleep:

  • Buy a firmer mattress (it should be at least medium-firm)
  • Try to sleep with a thin pillow under your stomach
  • Try to switch your position at least a few times during the night
  • Keep your legs flat
  • Do exercises and stretch regularly
  • Buy a new pillow that retains its shape and supports your spine

Can I get a mattress topper instead of getting a new mattress for my sleeping style?

It depends. If your mattress is too old (7 years and older) and/or too uncomfortable, buying a new one might be the best decision. But if it is relatively new, and if you just need to make it a bit softer/firmer, consider buying the right topper that would solve the problem. 

Is it bad to sleep on the stomach?

Generally speaking, it is no good for you to sleep on your stomach regularly. Strained spine, neck pain, stiffness, and numbness are the common symptoms that stomach sleepers usually feel. Choose the right mattress and pillow to avoid these problems and consider switching your sleeping position at least from time to time.


As you can see, choosing a great mattress for a stomach sleeper is not the easiest task to do. Still, the information above is aimed at helping you make the right choice. What is more important for you? What is your top priority? Do you need the firmest, a bit softer, a bouncier, an organic, a cheaper mattress? We provided 7 options, each of which is good in its own way, so just choose best type of mattress for stomach sleepers that meets your requirements perfectly and enjoy a good night’s sleep.