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What’s The Best Time To Buy A Mattress? All About Insane Mattress Sales

woman buying mattress for discount

An average mattress will cost you around $400-$1,200. It’s not a small amount, so in this guide, we will tell you how to save up on buying the best affordable mattresses at the right time.

Lucrative mattress deals in May, October & on holidays!

The time of the year greatly affects mattresses’ prices. That’s all because manufacturers and retailers at a certain time need to empty the market before rolling out new collections. That’s why May and October, as well as U.S. holidays, can offer you countless discounts.

Mattress discounts vary from 5% to 60% off, depending on when and where you buy them. Here comes the tricky thing: does where you buy affect the best time to buy a mattress on sale? Yes! The markup in stores is much higher than in online shops, and this explains why the former has seasonal and many other sales, while the latter tie their discounts to certain online events or special online dates and provide other perks.

mattress sale

Below you will find detailed information on how to benefit from buying the best affordable mattress either in the brick & mortar venue or online.

HolidayMemorial DayIndependence DayAmazon Prime DayLabor DayColumbus DayVeteran’s DayCyber MondayBlack FridayNew Year’s Day
WhenLast Monday of MayJuly 42nd week of July1st Monday of September2nd Monday of OctoberNovember 111st Monday after Thanksgiving1st Friday after ThanksgivingJanuary 1
Briefly aboutMemorial Day is the best weekend for getting a mattress because of a double factor – May sales + Memorial Day discounts. Bargain with shop-assistants, salespeople and get your best offers!USA's Independence Day is probably the only day in the summer when you can get the brand new mattresses discounted. Go to brick & mortar mattress selling venues and shamelessly demand your discount!This is the first unique and massive online sell-off opportunity in the new mattress collection period. You can get considerable discounts as on this day, as well as get various perks 1-3 days before and after it. What is it? This event is exclusive for Amazon Prime members. In 2015, it marked the celebration of Amazon’s 20th birthday, and since then every year Amazon offers fantastic deals to its members, even when they decide to buy new mattresses.Mattresses from new collections are high in price throughout the entire summer after being rolled out for the first time. But on the first Monday in September, you can find insanely advantageous Labor Day mattress sales. For years it has been a great sell-off time for brick-and-mortar venues, but now online retailers have to compete with them too and offer even larger discounts.October is the most «relaxed» and slow-selling period for mattress dealers. That’s why retailers unanimously decided to boost their sales by offering reasonable discounts on the second Monday of October – Columbus day. Don’t get your time wasted!This one falls in-between two major sales days – Labor Day and Black Friday – just like Columbus Day. Although you may not get as crazy discounts as on Black Friday, it’s worth trying to catch at least some.Cyber Monday is a special day for mattress sales. On this day, you won’t get a discount in the store but online only. That’s exactly how where you buy a mattress defines when to buy it. So, Cyber Monday is the first Monday after Thanksgiving. You won’t miss it as online stores advertise their Cyber Monday discounts in advance. All you need to do is to monitor their websites.When businesses just started going online, Black Friday mattress deals dominated only the brick & mortar shopping venues. Nowadays you can find fantastic sell-offs online too and mattresses aren’t an exception. Monitor the deals of online mattress companies during that time, for example, Mattress Firm Black Friday offers, or any other, and you will get your discount 100%.Fall seems the hottest selling season for retailers due to numerous holidays. Around New Year they often realize it’s a great idea to sell off the remaining collections before leaping into the next season. Mattresses on sale are common during and around Christmas and New Year time, so keep an eye on ads and promotions.
More discounts offline or online?BothBothOnlineBothOfflineOfflineOnlineBothBoth

Best month to go for a new mattress – May

You can take advantage not only of holiday sales, but also of the May sales, too. Major mattress manufacturers have their own inventory cycle. This, of course, affects mattress stores, just like many other brick & mortar retailers. In the U.S., manufacturers roll out new models in June, hence, before that stores have to get rid of the old collection as much as possible.

may sale

That’s why you will see the most insane in-store discounts of 55%-70% in May! May is the best time of year to buy a mattress on sale, so you will keep hearing and seeing mattress ads and promotions. But if you don’t see them in a certain store – don’t worry. Ask the shop assistant, and see what they say.

For the same reason – inventory cycle – throughout summer mattresses usually stay hot (the new collections), but sometimes you may bump into discounts for old models.

Ways to benefit from seasonal mattress sales in stores and online

If you decide to buy a mattress online, there are two paths either of which you can choose:

  1. Select a certain online mattress company and buy directly from their website
  2. Select a mattress on an online mattress store where you can choose any brand

Buying a mattress from a certain brand’s website will allow you to save up (you don’t have to pay anything to retailers), but you will be limited in seeing your options, as it will be difficult to compare multiple brands at a time.

Online mattress stores allow you to navigate easily through the website, compare prices and discounts of different brands at a time. But mattresses might be a bit more expensive there than on brand sites as they have their markup as retailers.

The good news is that both these options have their seasonal and special days discounts.

online shopping

Average discounts of top-mattress brands

Many companies offer seasonal and other discounts. Monitor their websites to get the deepest discount. In the meantime, we will tell you about their average discounts to get the best affordable mattress.

Please, note: the prices we provide below are correct as of August 27, 2020. We are going to update the article for you to know the actual prices, discounts, and sales, so come back to see the new info and enjoy the best offers!


Nectar is one of the most famous American foam mattress brands. Its average discount is around 10%-20% based on a season. Sometimes they have combined offers like $250 off, which means you will get a mattress $100 off and two pillows worth $150 for free.

01 Nectar Labor Day Sale 2020

01 Nectar Labor Day Sale 2020


Puffy sells multi-layered memory foam mattresses, and its discount can be as deep as 30%-40%. Like many other online mattress companies, Puffy offers not a percentage but certain amount-based discounts. For example, you can get Puffy’s one of the best mattresses with up to $300 off. You can get official Puffy coupons on their website.

02 Puffy Labor Day Sale 2020

02 Puffy Labor Day Sale 2020


Find the best hybrid innerspring and foam mattresses on sale on DreamCloud’s website. Their average discounts are around 10%-20%. You can also take advantage of special deals like $200 off on a mattress plus $50 off on bedding.

03 DreamCloud Final Summer Sale 2020

03 DreamCloud Final Summer Sale 2020


Sleeping company Casper provides not only wide arrays of mattresses but of various sleeping products like pillows, bed frames, bedding, and so on. They usually provide combined offers, e.g., can give 2 free pillows 170 USD worth each with a mattress. In the sale section, you can see what special offers Casper for all their products. You can also get official coupons: 50 USD off an Original mattress, for example.

04 Casper Labor Day Sale 2020

04 Casper Labor Day Sale 2020


Saatva is one of the brands that give discounts for the U.S. holidays and other special sell-off days. You can get 200 USD off for orders 1,000 USD or more. Sales start weeks ahead of holidays and end on the day of a holiday.

05 Saatva Labor Day Sale 2020

05 Saatva Labor Day Sale 2020


PlushBeds specializes in varieties of organic mattresses from latex to innerspring and foam. On holiday sales you can get their mattresses with 1,200 USD off and 25% for accessories.

06 PlushBeds Labor Day Sale 2020

06 PlushBeds Labor Day Sale 2020


Leesa provides discounts of up to 200 USD off on mattresses and their free shipping. On a special page with official Leesa coupons, you can get off as much as 400 USD on sales dedicated to specific holidays.

07 Leesa Labor Day Sale 2020

07 Leesa Labor Day Sale 2020

Catching mattress sales at online mattress stores

Mattress Firm

Mattress Firm has been on the market as a mattress retailer since 1986, so today they sell mattresses both in-store and online. Through their website, it’s easy to choose a mattress from a wide selection – from Saatva to Nectar. Mattress Firm Sale is a special section on their site where you can monitor the discounts. You can see how much you can save at a certain season (e.g., up to $300 during summer sales). Also, Mattress Firm Black Friday craze is one of the best, so wait for what they offer.


US-Mattress was launched in 2001 as a brick & mortar mattress retailer. With time, they launched a website through which you can now order a mattress of any size, almost any brand, and, on top of that, get a discount. US-Mattress has a special Sale section on the site where you can see discounted mattresses at a time. The discount offers can be around 20%-35% there.


Overstock is an online-only retailer, which focuses on furniture, home improvement, and, of course, mattresses. There you can select a mattress from dozens of brands and monitor discounts in the Sales & Deals section. Get your 10% off on selected mattresses.

mattress discounts

Tips to buy mattresses on sale

To get the best deals, you needn’t wait till holidays or May specifically. Throughout a year there are many opportunities to save up:

In-store: Ways to save up on a mattress

  1. Check out past sales – this will give you a sense of how much you can get off.
  2. Be confident – don’t be shy to inquire about discounts.
  3. Ask for perks – even if there’s no discount on a mattress, ask if you can get pillows, foundation, or bedding for free or discounted.
  4. Check in-store, buy online – you can test mattresses, talk to a salesperson at a brick & mortar venue, but buy discounted mattresses online directly from online mattress companies.
buy mattress offline

Pros & cons of buying mattresses in store


  • You can test the mattresses on the spot (lie down on them, touch, check the fillers in samples, etc.)
  • You can get a quick consultation with a real person (shop assistant)
  • Selecting accessories becomes much easier as you can see and touch various options right there
  • You can take advantage of in-store sales on certain days


  • Mattresses are overpriced as stores have to pay the rent and hire consultants
  • Shop-assistants might be biased and promote what’s more expensive
  • In-store mattress testing may still be insufficient if you’re a person who can «feel» the mattress only after sleeping on it for at least a week
  • It may not be convenient to wait for sales period if you need a mattress urgently

Online: Ways to save up on a mattress

  1. Get an email subscription – this will help you to keep an eye on the best deals of online mattress companies.
  2. Hunt for pop-up promotions – companies may sell off their mattresses discounted not necessarily on Black Friday or Labor day. Keep checking their websites to see other opportunities.
  3. Bring a friend – some mattress sites have referral systems that can help you get $50-$75 off.
  4. Search for a coupon – before buying a mattress online, look for one. It may save you around $50.

Here is a short list with sites that offer users coupons on mattresses - there you can find the best offers right for you right now - you even don’t need to wait for holidays:

buy mattress online

Pros & cons of buying mattresses online


  • Much cheaper than in traditional brick & mortar venues
  • You can get discounts on special days
  • Can order a mattress from the overseas and have it delivered to your door
  • Easy to compare prices of several mattresses on several websites at a time
  • You can use a lot of time to research and think about your final decision
  • Can seek online customer support team’s advice
  • Shipping is often free and warranty is life-long


  • You cannot test a mattress before buying it (lie down on it, touch, etc.)
  • Online customer support is often represented by chat-bots only so may not get advice from a real person
  • Mattresses are cheaper online already so discounts won’t be huge

The bottom line

As you may already know, the best time of year to buy a mattress on sale is in May. But if you still have half a year to go while you need a mattress urgently, don’t wait. Check the calendar, maybe one of the major holidays is coming. Also, monitor mattress retailer websites – what if discounts are already there? We can recommend checking coupon websites, too - there are great deals at any time of the year!

All in all, there is a zillion of opportunities to get mattresses on sale, you should only hunt for them!