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DreamCloud Mattress Review: All-In-One Brand Guide

dreamcloud luxury hybrid mattress
  • Segment: Mid-priced 
  • Dreamcloud mattress materials: Hybrid (memory foam+innerspring)
  • Organic: No
  • Risk-free trial period: 365-night trial period
  • Warranty: Forever warranty
  • Dreamcloud mattress shipping and returns: Free shipping, free returns
  • Who will love it: Side sleepers and back sleepers; Those who don't want to spend more than $1,000-$1,400 on a Queen-sized mattress; Sleepers who prefer medium firmness
  • Who won’t love it: Those who prefer plush or very firm mattresses; Those who want to find a super cheap mattress; Those who prefer memory foam mattresses without coils
dreamcloud mattress luxury

This company is reputable and very popular, it offers a lot of discounts, and it looks like everything is just great about Dreamcloud products. Let's see if it's really true.

We’ve read dozens of Dreamcloud sleep reviews written by real customers, we’ve found everything essential about the brand, and we’ve analyzed every piece of information that could be useful. Now, we’re ready to give you a full Dreamcloud mattress review.

DreamCloud company details 

  • Owner: Resident Home LLC
  • Awards: Best Hybrid Mattress 2020 (Mattress Advisor), Best Mattress 2020 (Slumber Search), Best Mattress 2020 (Non-Biased Reviews)
  • Other items the brand produces: Bedding (sheet sets, pillows, mattress protectors) and mattress bases (adjustable beds, platform beds)
dreamcloud mattress brand

What to expect from DreamCloud mattresses: is this brand worthy of consideration? 

Yes, this brand is certainly worth it. DreamCloud makes good mattresses with high-quality memory foam and coils that provide even better support and pressure relief. DreamCloud mattresses are affordable, they have a good reputation, and they are really comfortable — probably even more than you expect from this price range. 

But it’s not just about the quality of their products. Another important factor why Americans love this brand is its special services. For example, you don't just buy a mattress here — you get a free set of accessories that consists of a cooling pillow, a set of sheets, and a cool mattress protector (in total, these accessories are worth $399, according to DreamCloud). Or, you can return the mattress if you don't like it — this company offers a 365-night trial period to all its buyers so technically, you can return the mattress after, say, 11 months of use if you don't like it and if it's in a good condition. The lifetime warranty is also a useful and nice feature that attracts customers, as well as free shipping and free returns.

Quick overview of DreamCloud mattresses: warranty, weight limit, layers

Mattress nameDreamCloud PremierThe DreamCloud — Luxury Hybrid Mattress

A hybrid mattress made with high-quality memory foam and innerspring coils. Strong support provided by coils, cooling effect, and a perfect cashmere Euro top make this mattress a great choice for most sleepers.

Affordable hybrid mattress with memory foam and a targeted-support innerspring layer. Comfortable, quite cool, and with good contouring and support.

Weight limit

There is no such info on the DreamCloud official website, but the DreamCloud foundations support up to 700 pounds (including the weight of the mattress itself).

Same as for the previous mattress.


Lifetime warranty — you'll get your mattress replaced during the first 10 years or repaired/replaced in years 10+ (free during the first 10 years, $100 after that). The warranty covers manufacturing defects and materials failure, as well as body impressions greater than 1.5 inches. The warranty shall be void if the mattress is abused, damaged, or burned. The warranty only applies if you use the mattress on an appropriate base.

Same as for the previous mattress.

Price for Queen size

$1,399 (standard price is $1,998)

$999 (standard price is $1,598)


DreamCloud negative reviews

According to lots of reviews (basically, according to almost any review of Dreamcloud mattress), the products of this brand are of the highest quality and there are zero to no Dreamcloud complaints. However, we did manage to find some complaints and negative Dreamcloud mattress reviews from real customers — and here's a summary for you.

Some users are not happy with the level of firmness provided by DreamCloud mattresses (for some customers, these mattresses are too firm). It doesn't mean you'll have such problems, too — that's how it works with new mattresses, they often feel too firm. At the same time, some buyers said that the new DreamCloud mattresses feel too plush, but that's simply because not everyone enjoys medium-firm mattresses. The absolute majority of users are happy with the firmness level of DreamCloud mattresses. Besides, we have some tips on how to make soft mattresses firmer, just so you can consider all options overall. One or two customers were not happy with the weight of the mattress — a Queen-sized mattress weighs 99 lbs (44.9 kg) so it might be a bit too heavy to set it up alone. The good news is that there are only a few negative reviews (approximately 9 negative reviews to 3500 positive ones) and that even the customers who don't like their new mattress said there were no problems with the Dreamcloud return policy.

dreamcloud mattress luxury review

Koala’s wrapping up

We believe that this mattress company is just great. It has a solid reputation, thousands of positive reviews, and only a few negative ones. It has good discounts and great offers — like, when you buy a Dreamcloud mattress, free sheets, pillow, and protector are included. Such things as a free white glove delivery (your mattress will not only be shipped but also installed for free) and a lifetime warranty that covers manufacturing defects and sagging are also very important. If you're searching for an affordable hybrid mattress that will not only be comfortable but will also be cool at night and will provide good contouring/support, DreamCloud is certainly the right brand for you. The Dreamcloud mattress, be it a Luxury Hybrid or Premier mattress, is certainly worth trying.

DreamCloud mattresses don’t suit you? Check out these alternatives

Think that DreamCloud is not the right choice for you? Think of buying the mattresses of the following brands:

  • Leesa — affordable mattresses with great support
  • Casper — the mattresses by this brand have a zoned support layer (and it's also affordable)
  • Saatva — a little more expensive but also offers better quality
  • Avocado — provides great organic 100% latex mattresses (but they are not as affordable as DreamCloud, Casper, or Leesa).


Is it true that Nectar owns DreamCloud?

No, but these brands have a common owner. Both Nectar and DreamCloud brands (as well as some other popular mattress brands e.g Awara) are owned by the Resident company headquartered in San Francisco.

Are DreamCloud matresses made in China?

All DreamCloud mattresses are manufactured in China. This is an American company but its factories are in China (like Apple, Nike, Ford, and dozens of other companies).

What type of foam is used in the DreamCloud mattress?

DreamCloud Premiere is made with low-motion transfer foam (supportive foam layer that prevents motion transfer) and point-activated foam (high-dense material that provides pressure relief). A Luxury Hybrid mattress is made with memory foam that provides good contouring and comfort. Both mattresses are made with gel memory foam — the cooling gel reduces heat retention and makes these mattresses feel much cooler than traditional memory foam mattresses.

How soon can I sleep on my DreamCloud mattress after it's delivered to me?

The height of the DreamCloud Premium mattress is 15 inches (14 inches for Luxury Hybrid), but your new mattress won't be 15 or 14 inches high when you take it out of the transportation box because both memory foam materials and coils are compressed and vacuum-sealed. You'll need to wait for 24-72 hours until your new mattress expands properly.

Why is DreamCloud mattress so expensive?

It’s really not that expensive — the most expensive DreamCloud mattress (Premier) costs $1,399 for a Queen size. There are lots of premium brands (e.g Tempur-Pedic) whose mattresses cost up to $5,000! The price for DreamCloud mattresses is reasonable and it's based on the price of the materials (hybrid mattresses are more expensive than all-foam mattresses).

Does DreamCloud come with a boxspring?

No, but you can buy a bed base separately — DreamCloud offers quite affordable adjustable frames, metal frames, and platform beds.

Where to try DreamCloud mattress?

There are many DreamCloud retail partner stores in the United States and almost every state is covered except for Alaska. You can try a mattress in one of these stores — here's the link to the map. It’s also the answer to the question “where to buy DreamCloud mattress”, by the way.