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Mattress Guides

What to do if you spill water on your mattress
What to do if you spill water on your mattress
When you spend a few hundred bucks (or even a few thousand) bucks on something, you want this thing to be perfect. In the...
views 2837
published Oct 3, 2020
Mattress coil count guide
Guide To Mattress Coils: Coil Count, Types And Gauge
Coils are an essential part of the mattress. Most buyers know that they affect firmness, sinking into a mattress, its durability,...
views 2476
published Sep 18, 2020
types of mattresses explained
Types Of Mattresses
There is no perfect mattress for everyone. Better for one person is not always better for the next. Therefore, this article...
views 1026
published Sep 18, 2020
how to choose a mattress
How to choose a mattress
In this article, we are going to offer you the most detailed guide on how to choose a mattress that will be perfect for you....
views 1290
published Sep 15, 2020
is a box spring necessary for a memory foam mattress
Is A Box Spring Necessary For A Memory Foam Mattress?
Box spring — do you really need to spend money on it? The answer depends on your needs. You may need a box spring for your...
views 698
published Sep 11, 2020
How Long Does It Take For A Memory Foam Mattress To Inflate?
How Long Does It Take For A Memory Foam Mattress To Inflate?
In most cases, it takes 1-2 days (24-48 hours) for a memory foam mattress to inflate. Sometimes, manufacturers ask customers...
views 265
published Sep 8, 2020
how long does a mattress last
How Long Does A Mattress Last
Can a mattress last 20 years? In theory, it is possible. In particular, it is considered that latex and purple mattresses...
views 2173
published Sep 3, 2020
Average mattress prices
Average mattress prices
If you ask us «How much should I pay for a good mattress?», in short, we will tell you – between 300-2,500 USD. This is the...
views 2347
published Sep 2, 2020
how to stop mattress from sliding
How to stop mattress from sliding
Mattresses and foundations have one thing in common: they have pretty smooth surfaces. No wonder they move pretty easily,...
views 829
published Aug 18, 2020
Best time to buy a mattress
An average mattress will cost you around $600-$1,200. It’s not a small amount, so in this guide, we will tell you how to save...
views 3092
published Aug 11, 2020
mattress sizes explained
Mattress Sizes Explained
Choosing the right size of the mattress may seem deceptively simple, but it is a time-consuming process. The number of sizes...
views 4389
published Aug 4, 2020
mattress firmness guide
Mattress firmness guide
We've created this guide to make it easier for you to choose the right firmness and provide yourself with proper spinal alignment...
views 3710
published Jul 29, 2020