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How High Should Top Of Mattress Be From Floor?

high mattress

If the height of your mattress is proper, it can improve your sleep quality. Climbing into a high bed every night can make your back hurt, as well as getting out of a low one. Most beds are 16-25 inches from the floor — platform beds are lower (16-18 inches), standard frames are usually about 25 inches, and older beds (such as Victorian beds) can be as high as 36 inches. But what height to choose and what is the "right" height actually?

Standard bed dimensions

What you should know about mattress and bed height

Factors to consider when determining ideal bed height

  • Sleeper's height

The first thing to pay attention to is your own height. This is the general rule — the height of your bed must be proportional to your height. The taller you are, the higher your bed should be — standard bed height is 16-24 inches, and the average height of an American man is 5 feet 9 inches (5 feet 4 inches for women), so if you are around the average height, the medium height of the bed will work great for you (18-22 inches). If you are taller than that, think of buying a mattress around 24-26 inches from the ground, and if you are shorter than average, 16-18 inches will be a great choice. Obviously, if your partner or spouse is significantly shorter or taller than you, you'll have to find the golden mean.

  • Sleeper's age

There are no special rules when we are talking about adult people (18-65 years old). But when we're talking about seniors, both too high and too low beds can be a serious problem — such beds can lead to injuries while jumping on the bed or falling out of it. There are no special rules regarding height when it comes to children — but if you're searching for a bed for your child, make sure that there's a lot of space between the bed and the ceiling (if it's a bunk bed or a cabin bed).

  • Comfort

It's very simple — if the bed allows you to sit comfortably with feet on the ground, if you don't have to lift yourself out of the bed, and if you have no problems with getting in it, it's the right height.

  • Aesthetics

In general, the lower beds look more modern than the higher ones — if you want to make your bedroom minimalist, calm, and simple, you just can't miss all those modern low-to-the-ground beds. If you prefer classic style bedrooms, higher beds will be a perfect choice for you. The more "classic", the higher — for instance, if you're going to make your bedroom look Victorian, you'll have to think of buying a bed as high as 36-40 inches (but it's not really the best option in terms of health and comfort).

Hot to determine mattress height

How to determine the right mattress height for you?

The most important factors are your physique, sleeping position, and medical conditions. First of all, your body type: if you weigh less than 129 lbs, you should pay attention to the mattresses that are about 12 inches of height; if you weigh between 130-229 lbs, you should consider buying a 10-12 inches tall mattress; and if you weigh more than 230 lbs, a thicker mattress (12-14 inches of height) will be a good option for you.

When it comes to the sleeping position, it's simple: If you prefer sleeping on your back, 10-12 inches will be ok; if you are a side-sleeper, 12-14 inches mattresses are for you; if you prefer sleeping on a stomach, a 10-inch tall mattress will work great for you. Don't have a favorite position or don’t know it? Choose a 12-inches tall mattress then.

Mattress height depends on sleeping position

Then, medical conditions. Those who suffer from back pain should think of buying a thin mattress (8-12 inches) — these mattresses aren’t too firm and not too soft at the same time, they are the golden mean. They’ll support your back (because they are firm enough) and relieve pain (because they are soft enough). If you have arthritis or shoulder pain, the mattress must be a bit thicker (12-14 inches) — thicker layers can ease pain.

Don’t forget to test the mattress — lie down, take a seat, get up and out of it several times. Do you have to do squats to sit on it? Can you get up without much effort? Does it feel like you can sleep on this mattress for 7-9 years? If the answer is yes, that's it — you've just found the right height.

Tools and ways to adjust the proper height of mattress

It's not just about the mattress — what goes under it is very important, too. You can choose among several types of beds. 

So, how to make mattress higher? The most popular options are:

  • box spring, 
  • foundation (a platform bed),
  • bed frame. 

Let's talk about them.

The platform beds use wood slats, they are typically 18 inches tall (if we are not talking about Japanese-style platforms that are usually much lower). It's a great choice for loft bedrooms and for a home with low ceilings.

The bed frames are higher than platforms (around 25 inches from the ground with a mattress). They are also called bedsteads, they can fit almost any interior design, and they are friendly to small cozy bedrooms.

A box-spring is a wooden square frame covered in cloth. The typical height of a box spring is 9 inches (there are also 5-inches low box springs). They are used to raise the profile of your bed, but you can also just put a box spring on the floor and place your mattress on top.

3 hacks to adjust the height of your bed

If box-spring or any bed frame type is not your choice, there are more ideas on how to make mattress higher with the existing bed frame.

3 hacks to adjust the height of your bed
  • Mattress toppers

They are easy to install, they are usually 1-4 inches tall, and they can improve the quality of sleep because they are usually very soft and they encourage airflow.

  • Bed risers

They are usually 3-8 inches tall and made of plastic, metal, and wood. They are quite easy to install (but not as easy as the previous option) and they are very cheap. The good news is that the metal risers often allow the users to make the bed lower, not just higher.

  • Wheels

Most wheels are 2-3 inches tall and not that easy to install. However, there is one significant advantage of the wheels — with them, you can easily move your bed to another room!


The height of a mattress is extremely important. If it's right, it can improve the quality of sleep, increase the comfort level, and even help you cope with chronic pain (it's one of the main symptoms of fibromyalgia, and poor sleep quality is the key component to this disease). The right height for you is proportional to your height, but in most cases, it must be from 16 to 24 inches (closer to 24 if you are taller and closer to 16 if you are shorter than 5 feet 6 inches). Choosing the perfect height is very simple — if you can plant your feet on the ground when you want to get out of the bed, it's the proper height. If you want to make your bed higher, you can buy mattress toppers, wheels, and risers — the latter is the cheapest option, while the toppers are the easiest option to install.


What is the standard height of a bed frame?

The bed frames are usually 25 inches tall. There are also lower options that are around 18 inches and old-fashioned frames that can be as high as 36 inches.

How to raise bed height

You can buy a box spring and install it on the bed frame — it will raise the height of the bed and reduce wear to the mattress.

How to raise the height of a bed without a box spring?

There are lots of tools you can use, such as wheels, bed risers, and toppers. The toppers are very easy to install and the risers are usually quite cheap.

What is the best bed height for older people?

The often recommended bed height is 20-23 inches, but these recommendations are based on the needs of wheelchair users. If a person can sit down on the bed while having both feet on the ground, it's the right height.

What bed height should I get for my height?

In most cases, the right height is between 16-24 inches. If you are higher than average, 22-24 inches is a perfect height for you; if you are shorter, 16-18 inches will work great.

How can I increase the height of my mattress?

Buy a topper — they are usually 1-4 inches tall. They are very easy to install and they can improve your sleep quality.