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How Long Does It Take For A Memory Foam Mattress To Inflate?

How Long Does It Take For A Memory Foam Mattress To Inflate?

In most cases, it takes 1-2 days (24-48 hours) for a memory foam mattress to inflate. Sometimes, manufacturers ask customers to wait for 3 days (72 hours) before using their new mattresses. However, most memory foam mattresses that are available on the market expand 80-90% in the first 4-7 hours. It takes about a day for it to expand completely. Still, if you want to avoid problems and are not going to void your warranty, you should wait for the 1-2 days as required by a manufacturer.

instruction for memory foam mattress to inflate

Here are a few important facts to consider:

  • The temperature is important. It can affect the timing of inflation: the higher the temperature the faster a mattress inflates. Most mattresses expand fast enough at a room temperature, but you can rise it up to 68° F if you want to speed things up.
temperature for memory foam to inflate
  • Sleeping on a mattress sooner won’t be a disaster, but it won’t be comfortable, too. Moreover, you will void the warranty despite whether it's a luxurious mattress or cheap. In this article, we’ve explained what the vast majority of manufacturers usually can offer regarding mattress warranties.
  • Putting a mattress on the hard floor is the best decision for everyone who wants a memory foam mattress to expand fast and properly. But don’t forget right after that to provide it with a fitting foundation, if you care much about its durability.
  • If you buy pillows made of this material, too, you will need to wait a bit longer, up to 24-72 hours — they are denser, so more time is needed for them to inflate.
inside of memory foam mattress to inflate

Need more info or tips that would help you in your situation? Check out the FAQ.


My memory foam mattress doesn’t inflate completely, why did it happen and what should I do?

Make sure that the mattress is intact. Note that it may also take more time for a thicker mattress to inflate. If you follow all manufacturer’s directions, and if you are completely sure that there is no damage, try to: 1) wait one more day; 2) warm your bedroom up to 68° F; 3) roll on your new bed for a half an hour to encourage inflation; 4) use a mattress for a week. Note that it may take up to a month for a mattress to inflate completely. Also, you may face common issues, when the mattress simply can be uncomfortable. Hopefully, we have solutions to suggest. But still, if it is obvious that there is a problem and if none of the above-mentioned tips helps, return your mattress.

Why does a memory foam mattress inflate very slowly?

The reason may be in material — some of them can expand a bit slower. In particular, gel-infused mattresses, mattresses with many layers, as well as denser base foams may inflate slower.

What is not letting memory a foam mattress inflate properly?

Take a look at the manufacturer’s directions once again. Make sure that you waited enough — it may take more time for some types of mattresses. The reason may be in the low temperature — warm up your bedroom up to 68° F. Slower inflation may also be explained by a soft surface, so consider putting your mattress on the hard floor.

What happens if you use your mattress too soon? Will memory foam inflate?

Actually, nothing horrible will happen if you do it. Yes, it is likely to inflate. This is the term set by manufacturers to make sure that a mattress takes on its full shape. Usually, it doesn’t take this long to inflate — in most cases, 90% of the volume is gained during the first 7 hours, but if you use it sooner, you will void the warranty, which is no good. Why risk? We recommend you follow the manufacturer’s directions.

Why does a memory foam mattress have to inflate for 24 hours?

According to manufacturers, it needs this time to go back to normal shape. Some types of mattresses need 2 days and even more. Though in most cases it takes less time, 1-2 days are a standard in the industry and there is a reason why it exists — a manufacturer wants everything to go smoothly and a customer to get what he paid for.

How important is it to wait for a memory foam mattress to inflate?

It is very important if you want to be able to use a warranty. If you use it sooner, you will void it.

What is the fastest way to inflate a memory foam mattress?

Such mattresses are quite sensitive to heat, so if you want to speed things up, you can raise the temperature up to 68° F. Body heat works pretty well, too.

How to inflate a memory foam mattress?

Just unpack it: unwrap and unroll it. Don’t open it with a knife. The mattress will begin to expand. Wait for 24-48 hours and start to use it.

What is the fastest way to inflate a memory foam topper mattress?

The scheme is the same: just follow all the manufacturer’s instructions and leave it out for 24-48 hours to allow the topper to go back to the normal shape.

What is a perfect room temperature to inflate a memory foam mattress?

68–77 °F (20 to 25 °C), which is a standard room temperature is okay to inflate such a mattress. You can raise it up to 68° F if you want your mattress to inflate faster.

Can I flip my memory foam mattress over to help inflate it?

It is a bad idea. They were created as no turn mattress, so you should not flip them over to inflate them or for any other purpose. There are a few useful cases you might like to read about when and why should you flip your mattress.

Does cold wealth have an effect on memory foam mattress inflation?

Yes, it is likely to expand a bit slower if the temperature is low. Still, you are likely to leave it indoors, so the room temperature will matter.

How to inflate a memory foam mattress that's still flat?

Try to increase the temperature in the room, wait one more day, try to sleep on it during the week. If it doesn’t work, contact the manufacturer/seller and return the mattress, if necessary.

Will a memory foam mattress inflate against the wall?

Yes, it will expand anyway, right after air gets inside it. Just make sure that it is not bending and that it is straight.