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How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress — Tips & Recommendations

How Often Should You Rotate Your Mattress

Mattresses are made of different materials and contain different layers, and that’s is why it would be a mistake to say that all mattresses should be rotated at certain time intervals. Usually, manufacturers provide precise instructions on how often you should rotate/flip a mattress and whether you even need to do it.

In most cases, a mattress needs to be rotated every 3-12 months.

But what about the benefits of rotating a mattress? How is it different from flipping? Should you even flip it? Keep reading to find all the answers.

What is the difference between flipping and rotating a mattress?

First, let us talk about the two terms a lot of people consider to be similar: flipping and rotating.

difference between flip and rotate mattress
  1. Rotating is spinning the object on its axis. In the sleep industry, this term means moving a mattress 180 degrees turning what was the head of the mattress into its foot.
  2. Flipping is turning the object over vertically or horizontally. In the case of a two-sided mattress, you just need to turn it over to sleep on another side.
the difference between flipping and rotating a mattress

What types of mattresses can and should be rotated?

Generally speaking, all the most common, basic types of mattresses can and should be rotated. We are talking about memory foam, innerspring, latex mattresses, and hybrids. If so, what are the mattresses that should not be rotated?

The answer is simple — the mattresses with special constructions, especially if manufacturers note that their product should not be rotated. For example, an adjustable air mattress (not a budget portable air bed) that costs $2,000 with air chambers, tons of layers, and specific support zones should not be rotated.

Why should I even do it?

So, we know that a lot of people rotate their mattresses and many manufacturers require you to do it. But why? What are the benefits of rotating? Simply put, people do it to extend the durability of their mattresses and keep enjoying good sleep with no pain or discomfort.

Obviously, any human body has its weight. This weight may be distributed in different ways depending on your sleeping position and other factors, but one thing remains the same. We always sleep in the same spot, which can make the surface of the mattress uneven. Hence, when we rotate a mattress, we change the spot, our mattress wears more evenly, and it lasts much longer.

couple flips mattress

How often should I flip a mattress, and why?

People used to flip their mattresses for the same purposes — to make their mattresses last longer. However, today, it is like a tradition because most modern mattresses just don’t need to be flipped. They contain special layers, and one of them is usually supposed to be on top. In other words, it may work only for two-sided mattresses.

You should flip your mattress from time to time if you have a two-sided innerspring mattress. Don’t forget to rotate it as well — coils can wear out over time, especially if you sleep on the same spot. Do it every 6 months.

How to flip and rotate a mattress?

Take a look at some tips on how to flip & rotate mattresses — they will help you avoid injury and other problems.

How to rotate a mattress?

Here are the most important recommendations when it comes to rotation:

  1. Schedule it. Use your calendar/smartphone to plan this simple procedure in advance, considering the recommendations from a manufacturer.
  2. Clean the space. Lamps, nightstands, chairs, and other items should be moved away from your bed. Of course, all bedding should be removed, too.
  3. Choose the side. Decide whether it is easier to turn your mattress counterclockwise or clockwise.
  4. Ask someone for help, if possible. Don’t do it alone if you can ask someone for help — you may hurt your back, neck, or hands or break something.
  5. Create a strategy of rotating, especially if you have a bed with a footboard or headboard.
  6. Use vacuum when rotating a bed — this is a good opportunity that shouldn’t be missed.
How to rotate a mattress

How to flip a mattress?

In general, you can use the same tips when flipping your mattress. The only thing you should consider is that you need to make sure that your mattress should be flipped. It is a bad idea if you have a memory foam mattress or a latex mattress. However, the situation is more complex with a hybrid — there is a chance that you need to do it from time to time, and the best way to find out if flipping is necessary is to check what the manufacturer says about it.


How to flip a pillow top mattress?

Remove bedding and pillows, clean the space near your mattress, remove all nightstands, lamps, etc. Ask someone for help (preferable option) or do it by yourself really carefully and slow. Turn it so that the top becomes the bottom and flip your mattress upside down.

Does flipping a mattress help to prolong its life?

It depends. If you have a two-sided mattress with springs inside it, it may help to extend the lifespan of the mattress. Check what the manufacturer says about flipping and follow these recommendations.

Can I flip my mattress by myself?

In theory, it is possible. You can do it without hurting yourself if you do it slowly, carefully, and follow the instructions we’ve provided in this article.

What is a flippable mattress?

A flippable mattress is a two-sided mattress (an innerspring or a hybrid mattress) that needs to be flipped at least twice a year.

Is Nest Bedding flip mattress a good option to buy?

In general, it is a good flippable hybrid mattress with two firm sides, breathable surfaces, and a 10-year warranty. If you look for a firm option that provides great support, it may be a good mattress for you. As for the price, it costs $699 (Queen size.)