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How To Choose A Mattress Topper: Step-By-Step Guide

memory foam mattress topper

A topper is an extra comfort layer for your mattress. However, it not only helps sleepers make their mattresses more comfortable but also makes them more durable. That extra layer between you and your mattress is a kind of barrier that protects the mattress (which is a lot more expensive than a topper) from body oil, spills, dirt, and molds.

There are tons of toppers in the market, but here is what you need to know—there is no absolutely perfect topper that would fit everyone—those who sleep hot, back, stomach, combo, and side sleepers, couples, etc. You need to choose the option that will be perfect for you personally. And in this guide, you’ll find all the most useful information on how to do it easily.

how to choose a mattress topper

How to choose the right mattress topper: Koala’s instructions

First, we’d like to emphasize that you should buy a topper if you already have a mattress and want to customize it, making it a bit more comfortable. If you don’t have one and want to buy everything that can improve your sleep at once, reconsider it. As we’ve already noted, a topper not only protects the mattress from wear and tear but also makes it softer, firmer, cooler, or by contrast, hotter—you just don’t know what exactly you will need before you buy a mattress and sleep on it for at least 2 months. 

So, if you already have a mattress and consider buying a topper, take a look at the list of materials first—that’s one of the most important things to consider.

Topper materials, types, and models: Choose the right one

mattress topper materials

So, toppers are made of the following materials and have the following specialties:

MaterialMemory foamLatexWoolDown/feathers
Why chooseSlower moving feel, different levels of firmness and density, increased durabilityBouncy and responsive, durable, firmer, and more supportive than most other toppersLight and soft, pretty durableNatural and ultra-plush, not so pricey
  • Highly adaptive & pressure relieving
  • Not so expensive compared to latex toppers
  • Not noisy
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Natural (there are some synthetic latex toppers, though)
  • Regulates temperature
  • Natural
  • Soft
  • Incredibly soft and comfortable
  • Natural
  • Great airflow
  • Good temperature regulation
  • Not the best for those who sleep hot
  • Not natural
  • Not the best for combo sleepers who toss and turn a lot
  • May feel too firm for side sleepers
  • Is usually more expensive than similar toppers made of other materials
  • Pretty expensive
  • Not so many options in the market
  • Not supportive enough
  • Not supportive enough
  • Non-hypoallergenic
Buy a topperPuffy Mattress TopperSaatva Natural Latex Mattress TopperPlushBeds Handmade Natural Wool TopperDown on Top Feather Bed Mattress Topper

How to choose the right memory foam mattress topper or a topper made of other materials? First and foremost, you should consider the size and the firmness level

Toppers come in different sizes, so you can just choose the size of your mattress and order a topper that will fit it perfectly. 

It gets a bit more complicated when it comes to firmness levels, but here are some basic tips: 

  • If you are a side sleeper, you may need a softer topper—memory foam, wool of a topper with down or feathers.
  • If you are a combo sleeper or if you just toss and turn a lot at night, you may need to avoid that sinking, so memory foam won’t be the best for you. Consider buying a latex topper instead.
  • If you are a stomach or a back sleeper, you definitely need some extra support and firmness, so choose a latex or a firmer memory foam topper. 

By the way, temperature regulation and motion isolation are important, too. If you are a hot sleeper choose a breathable or a cooling topper. If you are looking for a great topper for couples, make sure that motion won’t be transferred (a memory foam option is likely to work well enough). 

If you have already done some research when choosing your mattress, you can notice that these are the same good old rules—they work for those who are choosing a new bed, as well as for those who are looking for a great new topper. 


Now you know how to choose the right mattress topper, but do you really need a mattress topper? If you have an excellent, perfect mattress and a protector, you probably don’t need to spend about $200 on a great topper. However, if you want to customize your mattress a bit and protect it from wear and tear, a topper is exactly what you need.


Which thickness latex mattress topper to choose?

It largely depends on your weight—it’s considered that thicker (3-4 inch) latex toppers work much better for a bit heavier sleepers.

How to choose the firmness of a latex mattress topper?

Consider your sleeping position—back and stomach sleepers need a firmer, more supportive mattress topper, while side sleepers may need a softer latex topper. Combo sleepers are likely to love medium-firm toppers. There are a lot of toppers in the market, so you’ll definitely find a good fit for you. 

Can I attach a topper to the mattress?

Yes, you can use the tape and strap the corners—that will help you have a great sleep on a comfortable mattress without a constantly moving topper.