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How To Dispose Of A Mattress: Ways To Get Rid Of An Old Bed Easily

mattress disposal

How do you know it’s time to dispose of your old mattress? Well, the truth is you should start inspecting it regularly after 7-8 years of use. It doesn’t mean that the results will definitely be bad, not at all. A lot depends on the type of the mattress, but even the all-foam beds usually last 8-10 years, not to mention some latex mattresses that come with a 25-year warranty. Nevertheless, regular inspection is your preventive measure—that’s how you know for sure that your mattress still can give you that ideal night’s sleep.

mattresses for disposal

So, how to get rid of old mattress? We describe all the ways of old mattress disposal in this guide. 

Make sure you’ve done this before mattress disposal

Before you take any actions, you should do two very, very important things:

  1. Take a close look at your warranty. Some warranties actually cover mattress replacement, but you should consider that a manufacturer can replace your bed only within a certain time frame. However, not all companies will also take away your old mattress, so there is a chance that you’ll have to deal with disposal anyway.
  2. Learn everything about your state’s policy for mattress removal. In some states, there are great recycling programs that turn mattress removal into a carefree experience, but in other states, you should take care of your old bed by yourself. If you violate the existing rules, you will need to pay a serious fine for not disposing of your mattress properly.

You’ll need this information one day, anyway, so it’s never too early to learn more about your warranty conditions and state laws for mattress removal. 

signs mattress is ready for disposal

Signs that the mattress is old and ready for disposal

But do you really need to dispose of your mattress right now? How do you know that the mattress is already too old to be used? Here are some signs:

  • Sagging. A mattress must support your body well. Whether you have a hybrid, an innerspring or an all-foam mattress, if it doesn’t give you proper support, if it results in back pain, shoulder pain, etc, and just bad sleep, it’s time to change a bed.
  • Broken coils. The same goes for broken coils—coils, individually wrapped ones or innerspring systems, are aimed at supporting your body. If they don’t do it properly anymore, you won’t be able to fix this, so it’s time to remove your old mattress.
  • Bad smell. Mattresses are like giant sponges. They absorb odors, and if your mattress is old enough, you’ll hardly get rid of them easily.
  • Lumps. This is a problem you won’t fix—if your mattress is lumpy, you need a new one.  
  • Noisy coils. The noise itself is a problem, but if they are also rusty, it means that there was a lot of moisture in your mattress, which is no good. In this case, remove an old bed and get a new mattress.

So, if your night’s sleep is no longer as it was before if you don’t feel like your mattress is super clean, supportive, and comfortable as it was, it’s probably time to replace it with a brand new model. 

Mattress removal ways: Responsible and easy

So, how to get rid of old mattresss? Generally speaking, there are 3 ways to dispose of a bed: recycle it, donate it, and use a junk removal service.

mattress removal ways


This is probably the best way to get rid of your old mattress. Millions of beds are discarded inappropriately, and that’s serious damage to our environment. On top of that, about 80% of materials mattresses are made of can be reused—these are particular types of foams, good old coils in hybrid and innerspring mattresses, and even fabrics that cover your bed.

So how does it work? Some organizations pick up your old bed and recycle it. Yes, in this case, you’ll need to pay a fee, but usually a small one. 


What to do with an old mattress? Donation is another great option for those whose mattresses are still in pretty good condition. After all, mattresses are not the cheapest items, and a lot of people need them but can’t afford them. Again, different states have different laws and requirements for mattress donations, but in most cases, donated mattresses must have no stains or rips, and let’s be honest, very few people have old mattresses in such good conditions. After all, the chance that you won’t spill anything on your bed for 7 years is pretty small.

Still, you can look for organizations that may accept your donations and learn more about the requirements. There may be small sanitation fees, as well.

Junk removal

In this case, everything is simple. You just find the mattress removal service for the price that seems reasonable to you, schedule the time, and have your mattress removed by professionals. This option has a few cons, though. You never know if your mattress will be properly recycled and you’ll need to pay a fee, of course. A mattress removal cost will depend on the service that you choose.


How to get rid of a mattress for free?

The easiest way to get rid of an old mattress for free is to donate it to organizations (some of them may ask you to pay a small sanitation fee, though, so do some research) or to family/friends.

Does Salvation Army take mattresses?

Yes, it does. The Salvation Army will sanitize them, but mattresses must meet certain criteria, in particular, don’t have any tears, holes or stains. There must be no structural damage, as well. 

Can you take a mattress to the dump?

You should check the laws in your state. In most cases, yes, you can take it, but there may be certain regulations for large-scale garbage.

Is memory foam recyclable?

Yes, according to the Earth 911, there’s no way to break down memory foam into a plastic polymer, but it can be reused to make another foam item. 

Can you donate mattresses to Goodwill?

Wonder who takes used mattresses and consider giving your old bed to Goodwill? Unfortunately, currently Goodwill doesn’t accept mattresses as donations.

Do people buy used mattresses?

Yes, but very few. Only 10% of people say that they would consider buying an old mattress for sanitary reasons. Still, selling an old mattress is possible. 

How long should you own a mattress?

It depends on the type of mattress type and the way you care about it. All mattresses should last at least 7 years—this is a minimum period. Memory foam mattresses usually last 8-10 years, foam hybrids may last a bit longer, up to 10-15 years, and latex mattresses may last 15 and more years. Still, a lot depends on the model that you choose and use.