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How To Fix Mattress Indentation: A Full Guide With Useful Tips

mattress indentation

Stiff back, sore back, hurting hips—this isn't even a full list of problems that can be caused by sagging spots in the mattress. It doesn't mean that your back or hip pain definitely has something to do with your mattress, of course—but if there are sagging spots in it, the chances are extremely high that you'll suffer from at least one of these problems sooner or later. But the good news is: mattress indentation doesn't necessarily mean you need to order a new mattress as soon as possible. If you're wondering how to fix a sagging mattress, you've come to the right place—here, we'll talk about hybrid, latex, innerspring, and memory foam mattress sagging fix!

mattress sagging check

Reasons for mattress indentation and mattress types that are most vulnerable

There are lots of reasons for a mattress to sag. Let's list the most popular ones down:

  • Improper foundation. A good foundation must provide enough support around the center of the mattress. A bad or too old foundation doesn't provide enough support which leads to premature sagging in the central area of the mattress. Most mattress warranties (for example, this Limited Warranty by one of the biggest mattress manufacturers, Tempur) don't cover sagging that is associated with the usage of an improper bed frame.
  • Improper care. If you don't use a topper or don't rotate your mattress regularly, it will sag even sooner than you expect.
  • Normal wear-and-tear. It depends on the type of the mattress and on its pricecheap mattresses, especially the ones made with memory foam, sag much faster than other mattress types.
body impressions sagging difference

In the following table, we'll focus on the normal wearing of mattresses as the main cause of sagging, and talk about it in more detail.

Mattress typeMemory foamHybridLatexInnerspring
Lifespan7-11 years7-8 years9-13 years7-10 years
When will it sag?1-3 years1-3 years4-5 years1-2 years
Why will it sag?

A slight body impression in a foam mattress actually makes it more comfortable. Foam fails when put under stress and the cheaper the material, the faster it'll become uncomfortable.

Metal coils lose tension while the memory foam layer softens and provides less support.

Although natural latex is more durable than memory foam, it still breaks down over time. Moisture, sunlight, body weight—all these factors make latex mattresses sag faster.

Coil tension decreases and the comfort layer begins to sink. 


How to fix a sagging mattress?

First of all, you just can't fix a mattress that sags and make it feel like it felt when it was new. What you can do is minimize the sagging—but if none of these strategies work, the only thing you should do is buy a new mattress. Let's list down the strategies you can try with your hybrid or latex mattress (we’ll talk about memory foam mattresses later):

mattress sagging fix with mattress topper
  • Buy a mattress topper to fix sagging mattress. They are not that expensive (usually around $50-$150), but they can fix the problem and help you sleep comfortably. The toppers are very easy to set up: you just place them on top of your bed, that's all. Typically, the toppers are 2-6 inches high—we recommend you focus on the thickest ones.
  • Use a vacuum cleaner to fix the dips.
  • Buy some extra pillows and place them in the sagging areas (but keep in mind that it's definitely not a long-term strategy).
  • If the body impression is more than 1-1.5 inches (depends on the warranty coverage), consider contacting the manufacturer. If it's a manufacturer defect, your bed base is stable, and the mattress has no signs of damage, you'll probably be able to get a new one for free.

Memory foam mattress sagging fix: Does it need a different approach?

Memory foam mattresses are extremely comfortable, they provide great pressure relief, and they might be a great option for older people (because of minimizing extra movement). Memory foam mattresses have lots of advantages—but their resistance to sagging isn't one of their strong sides. Let’s see how to fix a sagging memory foam mattress:

memory foam mattress sagging fix
  • Rotate your mattress or flip it if it's double-sided.
  • Buy a memory foam topper if rotating didn't help (actually, you can buy it even if it helped—a mattress topper is an extremely useful accessory).
  • Slide a wooden board (1-2" thick) between the mattress and the bed frame (under the sagging area).
  • Buy a new box spring if your old one doesn't provide enough support.


How to fix a dip in a pillow-top mattress?

Redistribute the pillow-top filling, buy a mattress topper, and rotate the mattress (flip it if it's possible). If that doesn't work, check if the bed box provides enough support (replace it if it doesn't).

How to fix a sagging mattress with Plywood?

Get a 1” thick plywood board and slide it under the mattress (you only need to cover the sagging area). This can fix a sagging mattress.

Will a mattress topper help a sagging mattress?

Yes! Buying a mattress topper is the first thing you need to do to fix a sagging mattress. Toppers are cheap, comfortable, and they can really help with this problem—just choose a thick one, not a 2” topper. 

How to make an old mattress more comfortable?

Buy a mattress topper—that’s the ultimate tool for old and sagging mattresses. A thick memory foam topper will provide cooling and support. You can also replace the bed box if your old one doesn’t provide enough support anymore.

How to fix a sagging king-size mattress?

The rules are the same as for queen and even twin-size mattresses—buy a topper, place a wooden/plywood board under it, rotate it, or flip it. The only thing you need to be aware of is the size and weight of king mattresses—it will probably be quite difficult to rotate or flip them by yourself.


Memory foam mattresses sag more than hybrid and latex ones, but after all, it's not about the materia—it's about the price and quality. A high-quality mattress made of memory foam will last longer than a low-quality synthetic latex/hybrid mattress. Even if your mattress sags, it's not the end of the world—toppers, extra pillows, and a wooden/plywood board might be the answer to the question “how to fix sagging mattress”.