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How To Get A Memory Foam Mattress Back In The Box?

man gets memory foam mattress back in the box

What’s the best thing about all-foam beds-in-a-box also known as portable foam mattresses? They are super easy to transport and set up—consumers order them, get them compressed and compact, place them on the bed, unpack and wait until they fully expand. The reverse scheme works, too. If you need to move/sell/store, you can compress and roll it up again. In this guide, we’ll provide detailed instructions on how to pack a memory foam mattress fast and easily.

folding memory foam mattressFolding memory foam mattress: Do it properly

How to deflate memory foam mattress? It’s not that hard—most manufacturers provide their customers with detailed instructions on how to compress their products and get them back in a box. We recommend reading them carefully to learn everything about possible nuances, but in 90% of cases, the scheme is the same, and we describe it (and list all the things you’ll need to fold a mattress) in detail below.

List of things you will need to repack memory foam mattress

  • Vacuum mattress storage bag
  • Household vacuum
  • Desiccant packets that remove moisture (highly recommended)
  • Plastic sheeting (to protect a mattress)
  • Tape to fix the rolled mattress
things you will need to repack memory foam mattress

Fold memory foam mattress after the preparations are done

So, how to compress a memory foam mattress at home? If you already have all the things that we’ve listed above, you can get started. One more tip—mattresses are heavy, and foam ones especially, and compressing them is not the easiest job to do. Ask a friend to help you—you’ll hardly do everything properly if you try to fold up foam mattress alone.

  1. Remove your bedding from the mattress. First and foremost, you need to remove everything from your mattress—sheets, protectors, pads, and toppers. They should be packed and stored separately.
  2. Encase your mattress in a plastic mattress bag. Note that you should choose the bag very carefully, considering that size is your most important criterion. Note that it shouldn’t be larger, too—the more plastic you don’t need, the harder it is to fold memory foam mattress.
  3. Seal your mattress. First, add desiccant packets right to the bag. Then you’ll need to pull the zipper seal top and seal the bag. Note that none of the sides of the seal should budge—if you see there is a hole in your bag, just reopen the bag and reseal it carefully, putting the zipper fully taut from end to end.
  4. Reopen a small portion of the seal and stick your vacuum hose into this hole (it should be sealed as tightly as possible around the hole). Start vacuuming—your bag will start to shrink, and that’s normal. After shrinking slows down, remove the hose from the seal and reseal the bag.
  5. Open the valve on the bag and place your vacuum hose against it. Keep vacuuming.
  6. Ask your friend to help compress the mattress—ask them to walk on the surface of your mattress until it becomes really flat and can be rolled up.
  7. Take the plastic sheeting and put your compressed mattress on it (optional but preferable).
  8. Carefully roll it.
mattress transportation

Here it is—now it’s ready for transportation. Note that you can unpack it easily, just like a brand new mattress delivered by a manufacturer. You only need to place it on the bed base or on the floor (if you don’t use any foundation), unroll it, then remove the plastic bag and wait until it fully inflates again (check this guide on how long does it take for a foam mattress to inflate). 


How to compress memory foam mattress?

You’ll need a plastic vacuum bag and vacuum. Place a mattress into a vacuum bag, place your vacuum hose against the valve (this is the fastest and easiest way, in some cases, vacuum hose should first be placed in the small portion of the seal that you need to reopen and then to the valve) and vacuum it. Ask someone to walk on the mattress to better compress it until it becomes super thin and flat. 

How to roll up a memory foam mattress?

You need to compress it first and place it on the plastic sheeting to protect your mattress. Then just ask a friend to help you and roll it up together. 

How to compress memory foam mattress topper?

Basically, it’s like compressing a memory foam mattress. You only need to place a clean topper into a vacuum bag and suck the air out of it and then roll it up.

How long to air out memory foam mattress after compressing?

It may fully inflate during the first 8 hours (it takes about 5 hours to expand 90%) but most manufacturers recommend waiting 24 hours to let the mattress fully inflate.

How to vacuum pack a memory foam mattress?

Simply put, you need to place the mattress in the vacuum bag and then suck all the air out of it using the vacuum. Video instructions can be found here.