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What Causes Movement & How to Keep Mattress From Sliding?

how to stop mattress from sliding

Mattresses and foundations have one thing in common: they have pretty smooth surfaces. No wonder they move pretty easily, making sleeper suffer. But you don’t have to readjust your mattress every single morning — there are better, more effective solutions.

So, how to stop the mattress from sliding? Let’s find out.

What causes a mattress slipping?

To solve the issue with the mattress sliding more effectively, we should take a look at the things that may cause that sliding.

  • Two-sided mattress 

Most two-sided mattresses are sliding because of the bottom side — it was initially created for comfortable sleep and there is not enough friction, so the mattress is more likely to slide.

  • Old mattress

Most mattresses should be replaced after 7-10 of using for plenty of reasons, including their ability to accumulate all possible kinds of dirt. It can form a layer that is very difficult to remove. Moreover, some mattresses can lose their capacity to perform and even become a bit smaller over time.

  • The bed frame issues

Some rails might be missing. If you have a bed frame with rails, maybe one of them is missing — this may cause sliding. Just use wooden trim to replace the missing rail — that will solve the problem.

  • The bed frame size

The bed frame is bigger or a mattress is smaller than it should be. If the gap is not big, you can use any of the solutions below to stop sliding.

Ways to stop mattress sliding

No one wants to spend money on a new mattress because of sliding, especially if they bought it only a few years ago. But should they? In most cases, they don’t — this problem can be solved by using one of the following methods.

Get a non-slip mattress pad or area rug pads

a non-slip mattress pad

Buying a non-slip rug pad is the simplest solution. Such pads are reusable, and they hold box springs, as well as bad frames, futons, and even carpets, sofas, etc. A non-slip pad holds a mattress tight — you just need to lift a mattress to the right place directly.

Most non-slip pads are trimmable, so you can easily customize it. The good news is also that pads are not very expensive — you can easily find one on Amazon or another online store for $13-16. You can also get one for free if you have an old thin yoga mat, welcome mat, or shelf liners that you don’t need anymore.

Use sticky back tape fasteners

sticky back tape fasteners

Hook and loop fasteners are used on many surfaces, including glass, plastics, wood, etc. Why not use it to keep your mattress in place? Note that for more strength, you will need to use more tape, but the results are worth it. Whatever the size of your bed, you will need to stick them on the corners and probably in the center. Just add more if necessary.

Wedge something between the sides

Ways to stop mattress sliding

It is more of a temporary solution, but it works pretty well if the space between the bed frame and mattress is too big and you cannot get a new one right now. Just place wedges (jeans, towels, old sheets, anything made of fabric) between the sides of the bed frame. Note that you will need to keep an eye on your modification — you will most likely need to add some more items as your mattress will start to move again.

Foam rubber — another effective alternative

Foam rubber

You can also purchase a thin foam rubber that usually costs about $0.17/in on online stores. One of the sides is closed-cell foam, so your mattress will not slip if you place it on the foundation. Just find out what is the length and the width of your mattress, make a purchase, and enjoy sleep without sliding.

Buy a new part of bed

If none of the methods above works, you will need to replace one part of the bed. If you are completely sure that the frame is the cause of sliding, get a new, tighter one. Note that frames with headboards and footboards are better when it comes to keeping a mattress from moving.

In some cases, if nothing else works, you need to replace your mattress. If you use it at least for 7 years, you have nothing to regret — 7-10 years is the average lifespan of the mattress. If you want to prevent sliding, consider buying a one-sided mattress.


Sliding is a common problem. Simply put, if you want to solve it, you need to consider the reason why it is moving and use the best method to fix a mattress. You may need to buy something like fasteners, non-slip pads, hook and loop fasteners, but you will hardly spend more than $16 — these items are very cheap and work pretty well. If you tried everything and nothing helped, you would need a new mattress or a bad frame.


How to keep mattress from sliding on adjustable bed?

You can use any of the methods we described in the article: buy a slip-resistant mattress pad, use area rug pads, or hook and loop strips.

How to stop mattress from sliding off the metal frame?

Buy a non-slip grip pad that can actually keep a mattress where it belongs, or use area rug pads and carpet tapes.

How to keep mattress from sliding on a platform bed?

You can purchase a non-slip grip pad or purchase non-slip rubber matting and put on a frame or box spring.

How to keep mattress from sliding off box spring?

Buy a non-slip mattress pad, area rug pad, sticky back tape fasteners, or foam rubber. Try to wedge the sides if the gap is too big. Vacuum your bed to make sure that there is no dirt that causes sliding.

How to keep a mattress topper from sliding?

The easiest way to do it is to purchase straps that wrap around a mattress.

How to keep a bed from sliding on smooth floors?

If not only the mattress but also a bed is sliding, use one of the following methods: 1) move the bed to the corner; 2) put carpet on the floor; 3) use hook loop tapes 4) buy furniture stoppers; 5) buy bed risers or protectors; 6) buy rubber grippers or rubber feet.

How to prevent a futon mattress from sliding off a metal frame?

The simplest way is to use the futon slip stopper pad — just put it between the seat of the frame and the mattress. If it is not such a good option for you, choose between other solutions: hook loop tapes, area rug pads, or foam rubber.