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How To Store A Mattress: Ways To Keep Your Mattress In Good Condition

best way to store a mattress

What if you have a pretty good mattress that’s not currently being used? Mattresses are pricey, and it’s pretty hard to choose the right one, so if you want to store your old mattress to unpack it and start using it again one day, you need to know how to store it right. It may seem that it’s not such a big deal—if you have a place in your garage, you can just place it there, and that’s all, right? Not exactly. Mattresses are sagging, they can absorb moisture, so if you choose the wrong place, the wrong temperature, and even the wrong position, things can go wrong, too. There are certain rules to follow to keep your mattress comfortable and functional.

mattress storage

Best way to store a mattress: Preparations and proper long-term mattress storage

Looking for the best way to store a mattress? Take a look at the instructions provided by a manufacturer—no one knows more about storing mattress than a company that produced it. In most cases, all the brands recommend taking similar steps that work in 100% of cases, and we’ll mention them all below.

Do it before storing

Here’s what you should do to prepare your mattress for storage:

  • Cleaning. Yes, you should clean your mattress before you move on to the next steps. How to clean it? It depends on how clean/dirty it is. In any case, you’ll need to remove all bedding and vacuum clean your bed. If there are stains, you should spot clean them using a detergent or a homemade cleaning solution, use soda to absorb liquid and vacuum clean it again. In any case, you’ll also need to air out your mattress. Important—make sure that your bed is fully dry before storing it! Recommendations on how to get rid of moisture can be found in this guide on how to dry a wet mattress.
  • Wrap your mattress in a plastic (ideally, breathable plastic) bag to prevent debris and pests from settling into a mattress. Thick plastic covers don’t work that well when it comes to storing mattresses—they can trap moisture which, in turn, damage a mattress. By the way, you can even get a mattress back in a box. It works for memory foam mattresses though, and you’ll need to make sure it won’t void your warranty.
  • Try to find a perfect place to store your mattress. Temperature changes and moisture can damage a mattress, so ideally, it must be a place that is pretty dry, a bit cooler in summer, and warmer in winter. It also should be a place with good airflow.
preparing mattress for storage

Once it’s clean and wrapped in breathable plastic, you can transport it. Make sure the vehicle is clean, and the mattress is fixed so you can transport it safely for you and everyone else on the road.

Do’s and don’ts of storing a mattress

Things you should do:

  • Keep it flat, especially if this is a hybrid or an innerspring mattress. That’s how the coils inside stay balanced, and the mattress won’t sag and become lumpy.
  • Get climate control, if possible. That’s how you can prevent a mattress from getting moldy.
  • The place where you store a mattress must be clean, too. If the floor is dirty, put extra plastic on it.
  • You can place your mattress on top of other items—boxes, shelves, etc. Just make sure it’s safe.

Things you shouldn’t do:

  • Don’t put boxes, shelves, anything on top of your mattress. The items on top will disrupt coils and turn a good mattress into a sagging, lumpy old bed.
  • Don’t have it on its site. Storing mattress on side is a bad idea, especially if it’s a hybrid or an innerspring mattress.
  • Don’t forget about it for a year—check your mattress's condition and ventilate the room and the mattress itself from time to time, make sure there’s no moisture, and mold.
don'ts of storing a mattress

We mentioned that controlling temperature and moisture is a good way to keep your mattress comfortable and functional. Does it mean you can’t store your mattress in a garage? 

Storing a mattress in a garage: Is it a good idea?

So, what if you don’t want to pay for a climate-controlled storage unit? How to store a mattress in a garage? A garage isn’t the best place to store it, but if this is the only spot where you can keep it, just follow all the recommendations that we provided previously and check it to make sure that there’s no mold. Open the garage door to ventilate it, the more often, the better.

storing mattress in garage

A bit more tips: Mattress protector storage—do you need a mattress bag?

Yes, if you are going to store your mattress, consider buying a high-quality mattress bag. They are available in many materials, including plastic for mattress storage, and come in a wide variety of sizes. Some are waterproof and have handles. The good news is they aren’t very pricey—such bags may cost you $10-$40.


How to store a memory foam mattress?

You can compress it again. If you don’t want to compress it, vacuum clean a mattress, wrap it in a plastic bag, keep it flat, store it in a dry place, preferably with climate control.

How to wrap a mattress for storage?

You can apply a shrink wrap or use a plastic mattress bag. Put the mattress on a side and spin shrink wrap all-around a mattress or just put it in a special mattress cover (the prices range is $10-40).

How long can you store a mattress on its side?

You shouldn’t do it, especially if it’s an innerspring or a hybrid mattress—you will disrupt the coils and your mattress will become lumpy and saggy. Memory foam mattresses shouldn’t be stored on a side—they will also become saggy.

How to protect a mattress in storage?

Vacuum clean your mattress, put it in a plastic mattress bag, and keep it in a ventilated place with temperature control.

How to clean a mattress that has been in storage?

Air your mattress out for at least a few hours and vacuum clean it before using. 

How to store a futon mattress?

Keep it in a dry place and cover it with shrink wrap (ideally, spin it all around the mattress).