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Leesa Mattress Review: All About The Brand

leesa hybrid luxe mattress
  • Segment: From budget to luxury 
  • Leesa mattress materials: Foam, springs
  • Organic: No
  • Risk-free trial period: 100-night trial
  • Warranty: 10-year limited warranty
  • Leesa mattress shipping and returns: free shipping and returns
  • Who will love it: people looking for versatile options, sleepers who want to find budget-friendly foam beds, people who want to have a luxury hybrid, those who are okay with temperature-neutral mattresses, couples, kids
  • Who won’t love it: people looking for super-cooling mattresses, those who want an organic mattress, much heavier individuals (unless they choose one of the hybrids)
unpacked leesa mattress

Leesa is one of the top-5 online mattress brands. More importantly, this is one of the companies that is constantly improving and updating its products. But what can this manufacturer offer now? Are its prices reasonable? Does it have a customer-oriented policy? In short, Leesa offers 4 mattress models. We are going to take a closer look at them, Leesa’s policies, customers’ complaints, and the overall quality of products.

Leesa company details 

  • Owner: John Replogle
  • Awards: #1 Mattress for Back & Side Sleepers according to Mattress Advisor, the exclusive mattress of West Elm, Best Mattress in a Box according to Apartment Therapy, #1 online mattress out of 40 tested according to WireCutter
  • Other items the brand produces: bases, accessories (pillows, sheets, toppers, etc.)

What to expect from Leesa mattresses: is this brand worthy of consideration? 

Leesa has the standard policy: it offers a 100-night trial, a 10-year limited warranty, free delivery, and free returns to all US citizens. There is nothing extraordinary about it — it is like a standard set of features on this market, but it still works pretty well, especially considering that Leesa customers, unlike people who purchased mattresses from other well-known brands, usually don’t complain about the quality of support service, inability to return mattress or use the warranty.  Leesa also offers the white glove delivery service that will cost you $150 (it’s optional, of course). Generally speaking, the company provides pretty quality services. But what about the products?

leesa mattress brand

Quick overview of Leesa mattresses: warranty, weight limit, layers

Mattress nameLeesa Original MattressLeesa Hybrid MattressLeesa Legend MattressStudio by Leesa
AboutA budget-friendly medium-firm mattress that works for most types of sleepersSupportive and comfortable hybrid for couplesHigh-end, extra supportive, and extra comfortable hybridQuality foam mattress at the best value
Weight limitSupports individual weights up to 300lbsSupports individual weights up to 300lbsSupports individual weights up to 300lbsSupports individual weights up to 300lbs

The warranty covers deterioration resulting in 1+ inch indentation and a physical flaw in the craftsmanship of the mattress or the cover. It will be voided if: 

  • The mattress was damaged from improper use
  • If some non-defective pieces were replaced by an owner
  • The product was purchased from not authorized retailers
The same conditions for all Leesa mattressesThe same conditions for all Leesa mattressesThe same conditions for all Leesa mattresses
Price for Queen size$949 (with a discount), $1099 (without a discount)$1549 (with a discount), $1799 (without a discount)$1949 (with a discount), $2299 (without a discount)$699

Leesa negative reviews

Most of the negative feedback is about excessive softness/firmness of the mattress, but it is not a big issue for most customers — most of them just return a mattress if it doesn’t meet their preferences within a trial period. However, hot sleepers note that the mattress has no cooling features.

Many customers also say that edge support is pretty poor. Some buyers complain about the chemical smell that gives them a headache (it goes away pretty soon though), and some say that the mattress is softening over time, losing support in just 5 years. Heavy people also note that the Leesa Original mattress is not supportive enough to hold their weight (if you are heavier and look for extra support, we recommend choosing mattresses with coils, i.e., hybrids).

leesa mattress review

Koala’s wrapping up

Leesa is one of the most popular online mattress brands and it is not surprising at all. First, this company has options for all customers: those who don’t want to spend a fortune on a mattress but still want a versatile, budget-friendly foam bed, those who want a supportive hybrid for a reasonable price, and those who want a luxury bed. Moreover, Leesa listened to its customers and offered the fourth model — a super budget foam mattress for kids and adults.

Leesa foam beds and Leesa hybrids are all quality and comfortable, and if you choose a mattress carefully, you are likely to be satisfied with your purchase. Even if you are not, you can return it easily — the support team works fast enough. So, generally speaking, this is a pretty good brand that produces good products. 

Leesa mattresses don’t suit you? Check out these

What if none of Leesa mattresses meets your preferences? What if you are looking for something more supportive or softer, something more expensive or cheap or maybe something organic? We recommend taking a look at the following brands: 

  • Nectar — quality foam mattresses
  • Helix — the wide variety of products, mattresses for all types of sleepers
  • Avocado — organic mattresses
  • Zenhaven — only latex mattresses
  • Puffy — the company that produces foam mattresses and their hybrid versions
  • DreamCloud — two quality and pretty supportive hybrids


Where does Leesa ship from?

Mattresses are made in the USA, so that is where they are shipped from. Mattresses can be delivered to all buyers in the US and Canada. American customers usually receive their mattresses in 3-6 business days. 

How to clean Leesa mattress?

First of all, you shouldn’t remove the cover. Leesa recommends spot treating the area with detergent (choose a mild one) and cool water. Don’t scrub the stain or push too hard — do it gently, and you’ll not damage the mattress. Also, you may get acknowledged with this matter more using one of our guides.

How to move a Leesa mattress?

It comes in a box, and you can easily move it. We don’t recommend opening it before it is in the right room — take it to the second floor, to your guest room, or a bedroom before you unbox it and the mattress starts to inflate.

Where to try Leesa mattress?

You can do it in the Virginia Beach Dream Gallery in Virginia and the Soho Dream Gallery in New York or in West Elm and Pottery Barn stores.

What does Leesa do with returned mattresses?

Leesa donates them (if they are in good condition, of course) to those who need them, in particular, children and poor families. 

How to set up Leesa mattress?

Move a bed in a box to your bedroom, put it on your foundation, unbox it, remove the plastic wrap, and wait until the mattress expands.

What goes under a Leesa mattress? What base should I pick for it?

First, you don’t need a box spring under the mattress. You shouldn’t also put it on the floor. You can use a traditional foundation, bed frame, a bunky board, a metal or a wood base, and even an adjustable base. By the way, Leesa produces a few pretty good bases, so if you want your mattress to match the base perfectly, take a look at them.