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Lull Mattress Review: All-In-One Brand Guide

lull mattress
  • Segment: Middle-market 
  • Lull mattress materials: Foam
  • Organic: No
  • Risk-free trial period: 100-night risk-free trial
  • Warranty: 10 years
  • Lull mattress shipping and returns: free shipping and returns
  • Who will love it: back sleepers, stomach sleepers, people who switch positions, couples, sleepers who are looking for a bit firmer mattress.
  • Who won’t love it: those who like to sink into a bed, people looking for a soft mattress, strict side sleepers.
unpacking lull mattress

Lull is one of the rare manufacturers that have only one mattress model. Does it mean that this brand is worse than other companies on the market? Of course, it doesn’t, especially considering that it offers a wide range of various products from pillows and toppers to bed frames. We believe that every customer should know a lot about the brand itself before they make a purchase. So, this is what we are going to discuss in this Lull mattress review. If you are considering buying an all-foam mattress, just read it carefully.

Lull company details 

  • Owner: Sven Klein (Chief Executive Officer)
  • Other items the brand produces: Pillows, bedding (protector, sheets, duvets, etc.), bed frames

What to expect from Lull mattresses: is this brand worthy of consideration? 

So, what does Lull offer to a customer? Most conditions are pretty standard. In particular, there is a 100-trial, 10-year limited warranty provided, returns and shipping are free (there are small fees for those who live in Alaska or Hawaii, though). However, currently, the company provides a special service — no-contact delivery. Moreover, you can also purchase it on Amazon, and more importantly, return it using Amazon, if necessary, too.

lull mattress brand

Quick overview of Lull mattresses: warranty, weight limit, layers

Mattress nameThe Lull Mattress
AboutA memory foam mattress that is perfect for people struggling with motion transfer. Quite firm: if you prefer foam mattresses, you should try this one before purchase to see if it works for you.
Weight limitTwo individuals of 250 lbs each.

The warranty covers sag or indention (1 inch+), manufacturing flaw in the zipper, physical flaw in the construction of the cover. However, warranty will be voided if:

  • A mattress was abused or damaged by an owner
  • It is normal wear and tear
  • You want to return a mattress because of your personal preferences or opinions
Price for Queen size$799 (with a discount) to $1049 (without a discount)

Lull negative reviews

Most customers noted that a Lull mattress was way too soft or, by contrast, too firm, and that’s a common scenario if you purchase something online. The good news is there is a 100-night trial, so you can return a mattress if you don’t feel comfortable. Some sleepers, however, also said that Lull mattresses lose support and their form over time. Some also note that they couldn’t ask for a replacement because the indentation was not greater than 1 inch (according to the company’s policy, the warranty doesn’t cover it). Many customers who didn’t feel comfortable sleeping on their Lull mattresses note that they got a lot of help from Lull support and the company even offered them the solution to their problems. Some of them received free toppers that made their bed much more comfortable.

Koala’s wrapping up

So, this manufacturer has a single mattress — an all-foam, not cheap and not expensive medium-firm mattress. Is it worth buying? Yes, it is. Can you trust this brand? Yes, you can. The policy of the company is transparent, this is a customer-oriented business, but you will need to find out if this mattress will work for you. It’s a bit firmer than average, it’s not bouncy, has good motion isolation, and works great for back, and stomach sleepers, as well as for people who switch positions all the time, but works much worse from petite and heavier side sleepers. You can purchase it on Amazon, return it for free within 100 days, so if you think that it might work for you, just give it a try.

lull mattress brand review

Lull mattresses don’t suit you? Check out these

There are plenty of great foam mattresses on the market. If a Lull mattress will hardly fit you, and if you consider choosing another brand, at a look at these options:

  • Purple — quality mattresses that feature unique Purple Grid to all tastes
  • Casper — from budget memory foam mattresses to luxury hybrids
  • Allswell — affordable mattresses from $375 for queen size
  • Plushbeds — top organic mattresses
  • Helix — the widest variety of different options
  • DreamCloud — a good mattress for a reasonable price


How to return Lull mattress?

If you bought your Lull mattress on the official Lull website, you just need to contact the support in any way convenient for you, and the company will handle it. However, if you made a purchase from Amazon, you need to log in to your Amazon account, use Amazon return service, and schedule return shipping. 

How thick is the Lull mattress?

This is the 10-inch mattress.

How long does Lull mattress take to ship?

Usually, a Lull mattress ships one to four business days.

Where to try Lull mattress?

You can purchase it, try it (there is a 100-night trial), and return it if it doesn’t fit you. This is the easiest and more importantly, a free way to test this mattress.

Are there chemicals in a Lull mattress?

There are no chemicals in a Lull mattress, its materials are certified. 

How to wash Lull mattress cover?

Lull recommends spot cleaning the stain. Use cold water and a detergent (preferably a gentle one). Make sure it is dry before you replace the cover or place your bedding pack. Note that machine wash and dry are NOT recommended. Also, you can use some of our recommendations on how to dry your mattress.

Do you need a box spring with a Lull mattress?

No, you don’t. Actually, you can place it on any flat surface without any box spring (take a look here when it's necessary). The manufacturer produces bed frames too, by the way.

How long does a Lull mattress last on average?

It depends on plenty of things from your weight to the way you use it, but on average, Lull mattresses last 5-7 years.