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Find The Solution: How To Make An Uncomfortable Mattress Comfortable?

uncomfortable mattress

Mattresses don’t last forever - they sag, become softer, less bouncy, less supportive, and so on. Does it mean that you should replace your old mattress every time something goes wrong? No, it doesn’t. There are some ways that can extend the lifespan of your mattress and make it as comfortable (or at least almost as comfortable) as it was when you have just bought it.

Ways to make an uncomfortable mattress more comfortable

Here are some of the most effective solutions.

Buy the right topper or pad

Toppers and pads are siblings - there are no differences between them besides thickness. Toppers are a bit thicker (though you can find various options), and pads are usually thinner, but they both have the same purpose: improve the sleep quality, provide better support, and make a mattress much more comfortable.

mattress topper for comfortable sleep

A body pillow may solve the problem

If you are a side sleeper, a body pillow may be exactly what you need to improve the quality of sleep significantly. You can hug it and cradle it between your legs for better spine relief. You are likely to toss less often at night, blood circulation improves, and you can fill some extra support - these are the main benefits of buying such a pillow. The good news is they are not too pricey - the cost usually varies from $20 to $40.

woman sleeps with body pillow

Maybe you need a new pillow

It is not always the mattress - maybe the old pillow is the main problem, especially if you have neck pain and/or headache. If you are a side sleeper, you may need supportive, pretty thick pillows, while back and stomach sleepers usually choose a bit thinner pillows. As for the material, it is up to you, but we cannot also deny that memory foam pillows are currently the leaders on the market.

pillow for comfortable sleep

What about a heated blanket?

If you feel cold, you probably need a softer memory foam mattress without gel - it traps heat (and that is why this is not the best option for hot sleepers). However, if you don’t want to replace your old mattress and spend a few hundred dollars on a new one, consider buying a heated blanket. It is much cheaper, and it also softens the foam, not to mention the comfort you feel under such a blanket.

woman with heated blanket

Flip it if it is flippable

The truth is few of the modern mattresses need to be flipped from time to time. Still, there are some two-sided flippable models that are quite durable and lasting because they are wearing out evenly. So, if you have an old innerspring or hybrid mattress or one of the modern flippable mattresses, you can solve the problem easily. Sleeping on a “new” side usually makes you feel like you are sleeping on a new mattress. However, as we have noted above, it works only with two-sided mattresses. If you have a regular mattress, for example, a memory foam one, you can rotate it every 3-12 months.

couple flip mattress

Is your bed base still good enough?

Bed bases (box springs and foundations) also determine the way you feel on your mattress. Make sure that none of the slats in your foundation is missing or check your box spring, ensuring that all coils are in place and in good condition. If something is wrong, if your bed base is not supportive enough anymore, consider replacing it.

mattress foundation

Is your mattress sagging?

If your mattress is sagging, if it is not supportive enough, you can just put a plywood board between your bed frame (or foundation/box spring). There is another solution to this problem - you can put your mattress right on the floor, but this is the last resort - in this case, there is no chance a mattress will last long.

mattress sagging


As you can see, there are many ways to make an uncomfortable mattress more comfortable. You don’t always need to buy a new one, but you definitely need to choose the right option to solve the problem. Just think about what is wrong with your mattress and take measures. Some people also recommend buying new linen and a new protector, and not because it will change the way your mattress feels but because it will make you feel happier about your bed. Why not? After all, it is all about good sleep.