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Nectar Mattress Review: All You Need To Know About Its Products

nectar mattress
  • Segment: Low-cost/Medium-priced
  • Nectar mattress materials: Memory foam
  • Organic: No
  • Risk-free trial period: 365 nights
  • Warranty: Forever
  • Nectar mattress shipping and returns: Free shipping, free returns (you can return the mattress no earlier than 30 days and no later than 365 days after delivery)
  • Who will love it: All types of sleepers (except for hot sleepers) and those who want a good but affordable mattress
  • Who won’t love it: Those who are looking for a premium mattress made with top-notch technologies, those who need a mattress under $600, hot sleepers, and those who prefer latex or innerspring mattresses
nectar mattress review

Nectar mattress looks like the right choice for everyone who is looking for a good but affordable mattress. High-quality memory foam material, a 365-night trial period, a forever warranty — it looks like this brand is one of the best for an average American buyer. But is it really so? In short, yes — but there are some flaws you need to be aware of before buying the Nectar mattress. Continue reading the review to find out more useful info about this brand!

Nectar company details 

  • Owner: DreamCloud Holding, LLC
  • Awards: Best mattress in a box 2020 and Best memory foam mattress 2020 (SleepFoundation), Best foam mattress for the money 2020 (Slumber Search), Best overall mattress 2020 (SleepTips)
  • Other items the brand produces: Bedding accessories (mattress protectors, sheet sets, pillows), bed frames, furniture, even dog beds

What to expect from Nectar mattresses: is this brand worthy of consideration? 

According to almost any Nectar mattress review, this brand is certainly worth buying, and, well, the reputation of this brand is really that good. The thing is, almost everything is perfect about Nectar. They have cool discounts and sales on mattresses, bedding accessories, and bed frames — this company is a great example of perfectly aggressive marketing that has borne fruit (more than 1,000,000 buyers in the United States). But it's not only about marketing, of course. This company makes great memory foam mattresses that come with a forever warranty and with a 1-year home trial period. They don't just sell mattresses at Nectar: when you buy a mattress, you always get a lot of accessories (mattress protectors, sheets set, pillows) for free. They have quite a good customer support team, and of course, this company offers free no-contact delivery of your new mattress.

nectar mattress brand

Quick overview of Nectar mattresses: warranty, weight limit, layers

Mattress nameThe Nectar Memory Foam MattressThe Nectar Premier MattressThe Nectar Premier Memory Foam Mattress
AboutThis affordable high-quality mattress Nectar is exactly what you need. Especially if you only want to spend $800 on a Queen-sized mattress.More luxurious than the previous mattress. 12" premium mattress made of 5 layers of high-dense memory foam provides perfect pressure support.The best and thickest mattress by Nectar by far that offers the “just right” level of firmness.
Weight limit650 lbs650 lbs650 lbs
WarrantyA forever warranty that covers such defects as visible sags (more than 1.5 inches), physical flaws that cause memory foam to split or crack, all the manufacturing defects. In years 0-10, the mattress with defects will be replaced for free. In years 10+, the mattress will be replaced OR repaired for $100 (transportation costs for the Nectar mattress return). The warranty shall be void if there was damage to the structure and/or cover of the mattress e.g burns, cuts, stains. The warranty will also be void if an improper Nectar mattress foundation was used.Same as for the previous mattress.Same as for the previous mattress.
Price for Queen size$799 (with a discount)$1,199 (standard price)$1,299 (with a discount)$1,797 (standard price)$1,699 (with a discount)$2,197 (standard price)

Nectar negative reviews

When we decided to make Nectar mattress review, we thought there wouldn’t be any negative reviews and complaints about this brand because this company looks very reputable. Well, that’s not 100% true — some users are not happy with such things as Nectar mattress shipping time, return policy of the company, and off gassing. But the absolute majority of unsatisfied users have one problem: they are not happy with the firmness of the mattress. Some even say they have back pain in the mornings because of their new mattresses by this brand, but unfortunately, they aren't able to return their mattresses because it's impossible to return a Nectar mattress earlier than 30 days after the purchasing date.

nectar mattress in bedroom

Another relatively common problem is that shipping takes too long. According to the reviews, the customer service isn't that great and doesn’t respond as fast as expected, but if you have problems with your new Nectar product, you should still send them an email or call them (the Nectar mattress customer service phone number is +1(888) 863-2827).

Koala’s wrapping up

One of the biggest advantages of this brand is the Nectar mattress cost — it’s quite hard to find a good foam mattress under $800 (or under $1,500 if we’re talking about the Premier model at a discount), and Nectar is a good option in this price range. Forever Nectar mattress warranty is another cool thing, as well as a 1-year trial period that allows you to return the mattress for free for 365 days if you don’t like it. However, it’s not a perfect mattress and it’s not a perfect brand — there are lots of complaints about Nectar mattress shipping delays and about the problems with the customer support (some users say it takes forever to get the response from the support specialists).

Nectar is a good affordable product for those who know what they’re looking for. Thus, if you’re a hot sleeper, their mattresses are not the right choice for you — they are quite hot and don’t provide enough air circulation to make you sleep cool. It's also not the best choice for heavy sleepers and for people who are looking for a bouncy mattress. In all the other cases, Nectar mattresses are worth taking a look at.

Nectar mattresses don’t suit you? Check out these alternatives

If you need something else (a wider range of mattresses, more luxurious models, etc), consider such brands as Saatva, Dreamcloud, Casper, Purple, or Leesa. All these brands offer different types of mattresses (most often hybrid and memory foam; sometimes latex), but they all fall in an approximately similar price range ($1,200-$1,600 for a Queen-sized mattress).


How to return Nectar mattress?

If 30 days have gone by since your purchase and 365 have not gone by yet, you can return the mattress. To return the mattress, contact the Customer Care team and submit all required documentation. You'll also need to make sure that the mattress is in perfect condition (only normal wear&tear) and that it was used on an appropriate base. 

Where does Nectar mattress ship from?

There are lots of Nectar warehouses across the East coast of the United States. Typically, the mattresses arrive 5-7 days from ordering, but sometimes, there are shipment delays.

How long does it take for Nectar mattress to expand?

Nectar mattresses (both Memory Foam Mattress and Premier Mattress) need 1-3 days to expand (24-72 hours). After that, you can start using your brand new mattress.

How much does a Nectar mattress weigh?

It depends on the size — the Twin Memory Foam mattress weighs 45 lbs while Queen and King weigh 74 and 89 lbs respectively. The Premier Mattress is heavier — the Twin-sized mattress weighs 58 lbs, Queen and King-sized mattresses weigh 97 and 123 lbs respectively.

Do regular sheets fit a Nectar mattress?

Yes, regular sheets with Nectar mattresses perfectly. What's more, you won't need to buy sheets for your new Nectar mattress — all Nectar mattresses come with a free sheet set.

Where to try Nectar mattress?

There are more than 2,000 Nectar retailers in the US — you can visit a store, test the mattress, and buy it right there (so this also answers the question “where to buy Nectar mattress”). There are retailers even in the Hawaii islands and in Alaska.