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Purple Mattress Review: Buyer's Guide

purple hybrid mattress
  • Segment: Middle market to luxury 
  • Purple mattress materials: Foam, Purple Grid, coils (in some versions)
  • Organic: No
  • Risk-free trial period: 100-night trial
  • Warranty: 10-year warranty
  • Purple mattress shipping and returns: free shipping and returns
  • Who will love it: people looking for great back support, a budget mattress for kids, hot sleepers, those who love to sleep on top of the mattress without sinking into it too far, people who want to sleep on a responsive mattress that would be soft and firm at the same time
  • Who won’t love it: people looking for an extra soft mattress, much heavier sleepers

You probably heard about Purple — the well-known manufacturer with one of the widest range of products, from mattresses to pillows and pet beds. But what else do we know about it? Is purchasing a Purple mattress worth consideration? If it is, which of the Purple mattress should you buy? In this review, we analyze the company and its products in detail.

Purple company details 

  • Owner: Terry Pearce
  • Awards: #1 in Customer Satisfaction, #1 in J.D. Power Mattress Satisfaction Report two years in a row
  • Other items the brand produces: Cushions, pillows, bedding (sheets, protector, duvet, blanket), bed frames, pet beds

What to expect from Purple mattresses: is this brand worthy of consideration? 

The Purple company became this famous due to its special material. Every mattress features a hyper-elastic polymer that works on the principle called column buckling. The main benefit of this unique material is that it makes pressure go away. It is also supportive enough — it supports back very well, but feels very easy around your neck and shoulders.


Quick overview of Purple mattresses: warranty, weight limit, layers

Mattress nameThe Purple MattressPurple HybridPurple Hybrid PremierKid Mattress
AboutPurple bestseller — supportive, breathable, innovative. Designed for people to enjoy sleep with no pressure points.Advanced version of the Purple Mattress — enhanced support and airflow.Innerspring mattress with a plush cotton layer. Great edge and contouring support, breathability, and optimal spine support.Innerspring mattress with a plush cotton layer. Great edge and contouring support, breathability, and optimal spine support.
Weight limitUp to 300 pounds per sleeper, 600 pounds totalUp to 300 pounds per sleeper, 600 pounds totalUp to 300 pounds per sleeper, 600 pounds totalUp to 300 pounds per sleeper, 600 pounds total

Purple will repair or replace a mattress if it is defective due to faulty materials or workmanship.

The warranty will be voided if:

  • Mattress was used on a soft, non-flat, spring foundation
  • It was abused or damage by its owner
  • It was bought not from Purple or Purple authorized reseller
Same conditions for all Purple mattressesSame conditions for all Purple mattressesSame conditions for all Purple mattresses
Price for Queen size$1199$1799$2399$499

Purple negative reviews

Of course, not all customers like their Purple mattresses, and this is completely normal. But why don’t they like them? Can you face the same problems? Most complaints are about extensive softness or firmness of the mattress. That’s why it is this important to choose the version that fits you, considering your sleeping preferences and, of course, sleeping position. Some buyers also noted that their mattresses seemed to wear out too fast, some said that it wasn’t keeping them cool, so they had to purchase toppers (cooling, soft, firm, etc) to make a mattress work better.

purple brand extensions

Koala’s wrapping up

Purple definitely has something that makes it stand out. Its Purple Grid really makes a mattress unique — soft and firm at the same time, pretty bouncy, and at the same time, pretty supportive. These are the reasons why a lot of people keep buying it. There are three main mattress models and 1 mattress for kids, and the latter is significantly cheaper. Mattresses are delivered to your doorstep for free, there is a 100-night trial, free returns, and a 10-year warranty. Generally speaking, these are the standard conditions. Purple doesn’t offer a lifetime warranty or a 1-year trial, but if you are looking for extra back support and love bouncy, responsive mattresses, it’s absolutely worth checking out.

Purple mattresses don’t suit you? Check out these

If you think that a Purple mattress is not for you, check out other brands — we reviewed each of them.

  • Nectar — three great mattresses + warranty forever
  • Helix — over 10 models to all tastes and budgets
  • Amerisleep — mid-range prices and great mattresses in terms of support


What is the powder in the Purple mattress?

All Purple mattresses are lightly coated with powder. It is polyethylene copolymer powder, and it is non-toxic. It can also be found in powder makeup and even some baby products, in particular, sunscreen. 

How long does Purple mattress take to ship?

Usually, it takes 10-12 days, but the shipping time may vary depending on your location.

Does a Purple mattress need a box spring?

No, you don’t need a box spring for any of the Purple mattresses. When it's necessary you can read here.

How to clean Purple mattress?

The manufacturer recommends stripping it, vacuuming it, and using baking soda. Then it is recommended to clean spills, air the mattress out, and use a protector to prevent such accidents. More details on how to clean your mattress we've told in this guide.

Is the Purple mattress toxic?

No, it is made of non-toxic materials. 

Where to buy a Purple mattress?

You can buy it from Purple or from its authorized retailers. You can also find stores near you right on Purple website.

How long does it take for Purple mattress to expand?

Usually, it takes about a day (24 hours) for a Purple mattress to fully expand. It will expand about 60% very quickly, in the first hour, but it is recommended to wait 23 more hours for the remaining 30% to expand.

Where to try a Purple mattress?

You can do it in stores of Purple retailers. Here, you can find stores near you.