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Common Types Of Mattresses: Your Personal Shopping Guide

types of mattresses

There is no perfect mattress for everyone. Better for one person is not always better for the next. Therefore, this article will help you find out everything about the most popular types of mattresses, as well as their advantages and disadvantages. Learn what factors will help you choose the most optimal type of mattress.

Types of mattresses: Basic info in one table

Here is the complete basic guide on the types of mattresses we are going to discuss in this article. Scroll down for more detail - we’ve collected all the possible information on each of these types to help you choose the best one.

#TechnologyLifespanHealth benefitHeat retentionAverage price (depends on the material quality, size, and brand)
SpringContinuous coils, bonnell coils, offset coils, pocket springs7-10 yearsReduces back, hip, and shoulder painsLow$150 to $1,500
Memory FoamOrganic, synthetic, gel-based7-11 yearsReduces shoulder and back painsMedium$300 to $3,000
Latex100% natural, natural, pure9-13 yearsGreat for people with allergiesLow$700 to $6,000
HybridFoam + springs, latex + springs7-8 yearsGreat quality of sleep with, reduces back painsLow$1,000 to $2,500
Adjust-ableMemory foam, latex, hybrid mattressesUp to 15Helps with various health issues, perfect for physically challenged individualsLow$1,000 to $6,000
Pillow-topsWith memory foam, latex, polyfoam, silk, cotton, or wool4-7 yearsGreat spine, hip, and shoulders supportLow to medium$1,000 to $2,700
OtherSoftside and wood frame waterbeds, rubber and urethane plastic air mattresses5-7 yearsWaterbeds can be heated, airbeds can offer great back pain reliefMedium$100-$1,000

Now let’s look at each mattress type in detail.

Innerspring mattresses – how good are they?

innerspring mattress

Innerspring bedding is a traditional version that most people used at least once in their lives. The structure of such a mattress is quite simple – it consists of three parts: the basis, the core, and the upper layer. The basis is made of wool or other fiber and creates the main foundation of the bed. The core or heart of the beddings is springs and coils.

The number of springs defines the level of enjoyment and motion control of the mattress – the more, the better. The size of the springs also plays a vital role – the smaller the spring, the more can be fit on bedding, and the better the support will be provided.

There might be different types of spring systems implemented. Currently, independent pocketed springs are quite common. The comfort layer speaks for itself – it is a part that covers the basis and core. It can be polyester, wool, foam, and other forms of padding.

Koala recommends choosing an innerspring mattress if...

  • If you have lower back pains - a mattress with extra inner springs in the center third of the mattress will offer you great additional support and relief
  • If you have problems with getting out of a bed or changing your sleeping positions
  • If you have allergies or asthma as lack of foam or latex in such mattresses reduce the chance of developing a distinct odor that can be unhealthy or irritating
  • If you are a stomach sleeper, your hips are not going to sink into the bed, allowing your spine to have proper relaxation in a natural position
  • If you have a limited budget - you will be able to find a suitable and affordable mattress

Pros and cons of innerspring mattresses


The structure offers excellent edge support. Individuals with back pains, joint problems, or simply who have difficulties getting off the bed will benefit greatly.

Innerspring beddings are adequately priced - you can find plenty of high-quality models for a fair price. You will definitely find yourself a nice and comfortable mattress within your price limit.

Lastly, heat retention is an incredibly important factor when choosing a mattress. Innerspring mattresses do not retain heat and are cooler, providing a comfortable sleeping experience.


Innerspring beddings do not have perfect motion isolation. In other words, your partner would feel most of your moves.

Innerspring mattresses Conclusion

  • Ideal for people with back, hip, or joint problems, larger-set people, stomach and back sleepers, and individuals with poor circulation
  • The price can vary between $150 to $1,500
  • An average mattress will last at least 7-10 years

Memory foam mattress – can it actually remember?

Memory foam mattress

One of the most commonly used types of beddings are ones with memory foam. It is also called visco foam, which is known to be very dense and firm. Even though it is quite solid, it also has elastic properties. It can recover after a full night of sleep in a few minutes. It will become soft once you lie on it but will recover its form once you get up.

The main benefit of choosing such a mattress is that it can contour your body, creating remarkable support and comfort. Once pressure is removed, the memory foam begins slowly bouncing back. Every time you sleep on such a mattress, it will remember your body shape, creating optimal sleeping conditions, which is why it is called ‘memory foam’.

Koala recommends choosing memory foam mattress if...

  • If you keep an active lifestyle. It will offer you great physical recovery during sleep due to providing reasonable support to joints and muscles
  • If you change your positions during the night a lot. Whether you prefer a certain position or charge throughout the night, memory foam mattresses will contour your body perfectly
  • If you have an adjustable bed, it will fit excellently as memory foam is highly moldable and flexible
  • If you have back and\or neck pain - your problems will be gone thank to elastic foam that promotes a neutral spinal alignment

Advantages and disadvantages of memory foam mattresses


If you are a side sleeper, choosing this type of bedding is a great option.

The foam material used in such mattresses is very durable, offering you years of service. You may find a bedding that will last at least 10 years, granting you excellent quality of sleep!


Memory foam is an incredibly popular material, which is why many companies and manufacturers have started selling low-quality products. Always read through specifications to figure out whether density, materials, and other factors are suitable for your needs.

Memory foam is known to retain a lot of your body heat and have a hard time getting cool again. If you are a hot sleeper, you might not like it as much.

Purchasing a memory foam mattress is not recommended in areas with high temperature (Arizona, Nevada, etc.) as the material can warp and lose its efficiency and shape.

Memory foam mattresses conclusion

  • Ideal for side sleepers who require additional support, people with shoulder and back pains, as well as couples who do not want to disturb their partners
  • The price can vary between $300 up to $3,000 for luxury king-sized options
  • An average mattress will last at least 7-11 years

Latex mattresses – a nature’s gift

latex mattress

Latex mattresses are beloved by millions of Americans. Latex is perfect for people who require their bedding to be durable, responsive, and organic. If you are a cool sleeper, this is definitely an option for you!

Kindly consider that not all mattresses with such foam are 100% natural. There might be beds created with a synthetic, chemically-derived latex or a blend between synthetic and natural latex. By the way, less than 1% of the American population is allergic to latex. However, even in such a case, the covering can prevent a person from getting an allergic reaction.

Koala recommends choosing latex mattress if...

  • If you do not want to endanger your house to dust mites, mold, and bacteria - latex mattresses is naturally resistant to all of them
  • If you have back pains and muscle-aches, osteopaths, physiotherapists, and other medical experts recommend using latex mattresses
  • If you do not want to purchase new mattresses every couple of years, a latex-based bedding is going to last for many years
  • If you are a back sleeper, the combination of cradling and buoyancy is going to be perfect to provide you both with comfort and proper contouring
  • If your partner is actively moving during the night and you do not want to be disturbed by their movement

Pros and cons of latex mattresses


Latex-based mattresses are hypoallergenic, ecological, and 100% natural. They are perfect for people who want to be environmentally-friendly.

An average latex-based mattress can last for many years. Treat your latex mattress with care, and it will last for 15 years or more!

Latex is a naturally well-ventilated material. The open cell structure and pinholes provide excellent ventilation, granting you a superb feeling of cool sleep.

Because of great ventilation, you would never experience a hot sleep’.


Latex-based mattresses are quite costly. The technologies implemented in the development of latex-mattresses are more complex than in other beddings.

While latex mattresses can be 100% natural, only a few brands can offer you a mattress made of completely natural latex.

Latex mattress conclusion

  • Ideal for people who move a lot during a night and hot sleepers
  • The price can vary between $700 up to $6,000 for luxury king-sized options
  • An average mattress will last at least 9-13 years

Hybrid mattresses – is it worth combining?

Hybrid mattresses

A hybrid mattress uses a support layer of springs under a large, thick, and very comfortable layer of foam. Hybrid beddings are perfect for individuals with different demands and health conditions. It is ideal for side sleepers as foam memory can be adjusted to your body shape, weight, and sleeping position.

Such mattresses can also help for back pain issues since they can help improve the blood flow. It is definitely a wonderful choice for those who want to improve their sleep habits. Most hybrid beddings can come in different firmness levels, allowing you to personalize your mattress.

Koala recommends choosing hybrid mattress if...

  • If you are a hot sleeper, a hybrid mattress would allow you to enjoy a cool and soft sleeping experience
  • If you want to select from numerous combinations of springs, gels, and foams
  • If you need great edge support. For people who have problems with getting of the bed, a hybrid option will offer you a perfect and supportive structural spring system
  • If you do not want to interrupt your partner while moving. Most hybrid mattresses have pocket-coil spring system, providing ideal motion isolation
  • If you need help with pain relief. A combination of pocket-springs and comfortable foam creates great body contouring and pressure point relief

Pros and cons of hybrid mattresses


Hybrid mattresses provide you with an excellent combination of spring and foam-based beddings, offering you great edge support and a comfortable and soft layer of foam.

Two-sided hybrid mattresses can offer you an excellent opportunity to enjoy both firm and soft aspects of a bedding. You may switch from side to side whenever you want.

If you are a side sleeper or simply need a mattress with proper pressure relief, a hybrid mattress can offer you what you seek.

A hybrid has no heat retention but excellent ventilation that will ensure that every single night of your sleep is cool and comfortable.


If you have a limited budget but want to choose from multiple options, then seeking a hybrid mattress may not be the most suitable thing for you.

Usually, a hybrid bedding is quite heavy, making it quite challenging to move easily.

Hybrid mattresses conclusion

  • Ideal for individuals who prefer sleeping on their sides and people who want to choose the ideal combination of layers
  • The price can vary between $1,200 up to $3,500 for luxury king-sized options
  • An average mattress will last at least 5-8 years

Pillow tops

pillow tops mattress

Imagine a mattress with an additional layer of comfort on top of a standard innerspring mattress. The concept is incredibly simple - you just enjoy an additional layer of padding that can offer you extra comfort.

There are firm pillow tops, cushion firm pillow tops, and other levels of firmness and softness of the additional padding.

Pros and cons of pillow tops


You can choose the most suitable material for the pillow top. It can be made out of cotton, latex, wool, or latex, perfectly suiting for your needs and demands.

They are very durable - most people use them for over 7 years without experiencing any difficulties or problems.


The construction of the pillowtop mattress is quite unique, which is why if your padding becomes damaged, you will need to replace your whole bedding.

There are some issues associated with sagging over time - 30% of owners claim that they experienced sinking and compression of the material.

Koala recommends choosing pillow top mattress if...

  • If you are a side sleeper who requires additional support
  • If you need or enjoy extra comfort while sleeping
  • If you expect your mattress to absorb the movement of other sleepers

Pillow tops conclusion

  • Ideal for people who expect to have an excellent sleeping quality with an additional layer of comfort. Perfect for front and side sleepers.
  • The price can vary between $1,000 up to $2,700 for luxury king-sized options
  • An average mattress will last up to 7 years

Adjustable beds – Adjustable beds with mattress included

adjustable bed mattress

Adjustable beds allow you to sleep, lounge, and binge in whatever position you wish with the help of a remotely controlled and motorized adjustable base. While for a very long time, such types of beds were used primarily in hospitals, nowadays, they are incredibly popular among Americans.

They look just like regular beds but can recline, adjust, or even massage your back and legs. It is a perfect option for back pain or individuals who enjoy working or reading while staying in bed.

You can either purchase an adjustable bed with a mattress or buy a mattress from one brand, and the bed itself from the other manufacturer.

Koala recommends choosing adjustable bed if...

  • If you work at home and what to enjoy your working hours laying in a comfortable bed with
  • If you have sleep apnea and need to have your head elevated. An adjustable bed can help you find the right angle without stacking pillows and causing neck problems
  • If you suffer from morning headaches, an adjustable bed can increase the blood flow and release some pressure from your neck
  • If you want to reduce back pains. Adjust your bed to a perfect position for your spine and align it to remove any pressure
  • If you want to have a personalized sleeping experience without interrupting your partner

Pros and cons


Adjustable beds can help people with poor blood circulation or back pain. You no longer need to adjust to your mattress but instead create a position in which you will comfortably sleep.

Adjustable beds are also great for people who want to do other activities in bed.

You can adjust different sides of the bed differently, meaning that your partner may enjoy a completely different position while you adjust your side as you wish.


Lack of understanding of how to adjust the bed to the right position can lead to serious health problems.

Even though most adjustable beds are of high-quality, the fact that they have mechanical and electronic parts can lead to problems and breaks.

The technologies involved in manufacturing adjustable beds are quite complex, which is why the average cost of such a bed is $2,000. It may not be for everyone.

Adjustable beds conclusion

  • Ideal for people with back, neck, shoulder, or hip pain, people who want to work or do other activities without leaving their beds, or physically challenged individuals
  • The price can vary between $1,000 up to $6,000 for luxury king-sized options
  • An average mattress will last up to 15 years

Other types of mattresses

It is also important to mention a few words about less popular options that you can find on the market. In particular, in this section, you will find information about customizable foam mattresses, waterbeds, and air mattresses.

Air mattresses

air mattress

If you are thinking that air mattresses can only be inexpensive and of low-quality, then you are mistaken. You can find great air beds that will serve you for years! You can enjoy great sleep for a relatively small price.


You do not have to pay thousands of dollars for a high-quality mattress. While cheap models can cost $150 or less, a mattress that can serve you for years would cost $300 on average.

It can be adjusted to different firmness levels - most modern mattresses come with remote controls or apps that can be installed in your smartphone.


Even though air mattresses are made of high quality, it could be poked and deflated. Such type of bedding is less durable and protected from being destroyed.

Air mattresses are associated with something cheap and short-term. However, modern air beds are designed to last years and offer you excellent quality of sleep.


water bed mattress

Although waterbeds are one of the least common types, it is still worth mentioning a few words.


Waterbeds offer great body shaping and contouring, providing you with comfort and relaxation. It is perfect for people who have problems with falling asleep, as a soothing feeling of the water can help anyone relax.

You can regulate the temperature. If you live in cold areas, heating your waterbed can be a perfect way to stay warm and comfortable.


A waterbed can leak. Similarly to air mattresses, a waterbed can be destroyed with a single poke.

Lack of proper support is the main disadvantage of a waterbed. Sleeping on a waterbed can cause serious health issues.

Customizable foam mattresses

customizable foam mattress

Lastly, there is an option to create your own mattress based on your demands or health conditions. In other words, you may personally choose the level of firmness, angle, or other factors of your future mattress.


You can create an ideal mattress that would perfectly meet your needs and preferences. Configure almost every factor from the firmness level to color.

Customized mattresses can help you with health problems as they can be created specifically to reduce back pains, sleeping problems, and other issues.


Customizable mattresses are difficult to find. Moreover, they require you to understand exactly what you need and want. Not all manufacturers can offer you a personalized bedding.

So what mattresses can you choose?

Learning about mattresses can be difficult. However, with the help of this article, you could easily find out everything you need about a perfect and optimal mattress just for you. Let’s recap the most popular and common types of mattresses!

  • Spring or coil mattresses - great edge support, comfortable sleeping experience. Ideal for heavy people and those who sleep on stomachs. Very affordable and durable - $150 - $1,500 that can last for over 10 years.
  • Latex mattress - if you are a hot sleeper or enjoy changing positions throughout the night, you will love this bedding. Prices range between $700 to $6,000, and an average mattress will last over 10 years as well.
  • Foam mattress - if you value comfort over everything else, if you have back, shoulder, or neck pains, and if you are not a hot sleeper, a mattress made of foam is your choice. An average price is $1,000, but you can find a decent bedding for less than $500 that will serve you for at least 7 years.
  • Hybrid mattress - if you want to combine great support of springs with the comfort of foam or latex. This product is more expensive than the previous - the prices start from $1,000. Hybrid mattresses can last up to 5-8 years.
  • Adjustable beds - excellent for people who work from home, physically challenged individuals, individuals with back pains, neck and shoulder problems, and simply those who want to stay in a bed as long as possible. Adjustable beds are rather expensive - the price of an average bed starts from $2,000.
  • Pillow-tops - people with neck problems and back pains will appreciate this type of mattress. An average mattress will cost you $1,500 and can serve up to 7 years.
  • Other types of mattresses - air beds, water mattresses, and customizable foam beddings can offer you excellent quality of sleep for an affordable price. These types of mattresses allow you to control the firmness and softness of your bedding.