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What Is A Hybrid Mattress? Things You Should Know To Find Ideal Hybrid

hybrid mattress meaning

If you analyze the mattress market, the American segment, or the global industry, you’ll see that nearly all brands offer hybrid mattress models. Why are they so popular?

In short, a hybrid is a multi-layer bed that’s supposed to combine that softness and high level of comfort due to foam/latex layer(s) and extra support due to an innerspring system/pocketed coils. But do hybrid mattresses really take the best from the two worlds? What are the pros and cons of hybrids? What are the best hybrid beds in the global market? We’re going to analyze hybrid mattresses in detail, so keep reading this guide to learn the answers and find out if a hybrid bed will work well for you or not. 

hybrid mattress layers

What can a hybrid mattress consist of? Layers and types of hybrids

A hybrid mattress consists of 2+ layers. There is always an extra supportive coil system, and there is always a softer comfort layer. The rest—materials, thickness, number of layers, types of coil system can vary.

Hybrids may feature two main types of coil systems:

  • Innerspring system. It’s very supportive and pretty cheap—innerspring mattresses (if they don’t come with comfort layers made of top-quality high-end materials) are usually more affordable, but they have at least one significant disadvantage—they don’t isolate any motion.
  • Pocketed coils. Pocketed coils also provide extra support, but they don’t transfer that much motion, unlike innerspring systems.
  • Innerspring system and pocketed coils. There are some exceptions, though, that combine both systems. Take a look at Saatva Innerspring Mattress—it features both a dual-coil system and individually wrapped coils with some extra comfort layers, in particular, a pillow top and a high-density foam layer. 

There may also be an extra base foam layer between a coil system and a comfort layer.

hybrid mattress inside

As for the comfort layers, the most common ones are as follows: 

  • Latex comfort layer—this material makes a mattress much more responsive, bouncy, and very breathable.
  • Memory foam—usually a much softer comfort layer that relieves pressure and molds to the body in response to pressure and heat. By the way, many manufacturers add a gel-infused cooling memory foam layer to make a mattress a good fit for hot sleepers, too.  

Hybrids may have 2, 3, or more layers. There are latex hybrids and memory foam hybrids, hybrids with innerspring systems, and hybrids without them. The layers determine the features of the bed: for example, a latex hybrid with 2 layers (pocketed coils + all-natural latex layer) is likely to be medium-firm or firm, very bouncy and breathable, and a hybrid with 3 layers (pocketed coils + gel-infused foam layer + extra plush top memory foam layer) is likely to be a medium-firm, not too bouncy mattress that will isolate motion and trap less heat than regular memory foam mattresses usually do.

Hybrid mattress: pros and cons

So, hybrid mattresses are multi-layered. On top of that, they always provide great support due to the coil systems. But does it mean that they are perfect? Not really. Like all other types of mattresses, they have both advantages and drawbacks and may work well for a particular sleeper and turn into a complete disaster for another one. 

Pros of hybrid beds:

  • Always provide good joint and back support
  • The comfort layer make hybrids a good fit even for those who love softer beds
  • Pocketed coils isolated motion
  • Coil systems make hybrids extra breathable
  • More durable than all-foam mattresses

Cons of hybrid beds:

  • Often more expensive than all-foam mattresses
  • Mattresses with innerspring coils transfer a lot of motion

Are you going to purchase a hybrid instead of a good-old all-foam mattress? Consider this information before you make a choice.

hybrid mattresses brands

Best brands that make hybrid mattresses

As we have already noted above, nearly all reputable brands produce hybrid mattresses. So, here are the best models in the market:

  1. Saatva Latex Hybrid—a great bouncy and supportive medium-firm mattress that works well for hot sleepers, back and stomach sleepers, as well as for heavier side sleepers, and those who look for an all-natural organic bed for a reasonable price.
  2. Purple Hybrid—foam hybrid that provides both pressure relief and great support, works for most types of sleepers, couples (isolates motion pretty well) and those who sleep hot at night.
  3. Casper Original Hybrid—a cost-effective option (not the cheapest but still a pretty affordable mattress) that keeps spine aligned, has 3 ergonomic zones, is very breathable and works for most types of sleepers. 

Generally speaking, everyone can find their perfect hybrid by analyzing the features of each model. Some hybrids are better for stomach sleepers due to a firmer top layer, some make a supportive bed perfect for side sleepers due to a plush top layer, some are more breathable, some isolate motion perfectly—just compare the options and choose a bed that’ll be perfect for you. 


Are hybrid mattresses good?

Yes, they are. They are both comfortable (due to top layers) and extra supportive (due to coil systems). Everyone can find their ideal hybrid if they consider their sleeping position and preferences (motion isolation, breathability, edge support, etc.)

Do you need a box spring with a hybrid mattress?

No, hybrids don’t require box springs, but you can add it if you want to.

How to break in a hybrid mattress?

You can wait for some time (up to a month), and your latex/foam top layer will soften over time, apply some gentle pressure, and increase the temperature in your room. Find more information in this guide on how to soften a mattress.

What is a hybrid mattress made of?

It depends. It always has a coil system (pocketed coils, innerspring system, or both) + latex or foam layer(s).

Which gives better back support: hybrid or memory foam mattress?

It depends on the mattress model. But in most cases, hybrid gives better back support as it features coils that usually work better than foam base layers.

How long will a hybrid mattress last?

It depends on plenty of factors, including the materials (latex hybrids usually last longer), care, type of coil system (innerspring hybrids start sagging earlier than mattresses with individually wrapped coils), etc. Still, most hybrids last 8-15 years.