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Choosing The Best Mattress Under $1000 — Top 8 Options On The Market

best mattress under 1000

A lot of manufacturers in the US produce top-quality mattresses and sell them for less than $1,000 (for queen size.) They are not cheap, but some of them feel like really luxury mattresses. The trickiest part is to choose the right option. That is why we recommend considering your sleeping style and your personal preferences (level of support, pressure relief, motion isolation, temperature regulation, materials) before you actually choose one of the models. We found and described the top-8 mattresses on the market to help you narrow the search for your best mattress under $1000, so check out the information below and make your choice.

Best mattress under $1000: Koala’s top-8

NameThe Nectar memory foam mattressHelix Dawn mattressLeesa Original mattressPuffy mattressCasper OriginalLull mattressLayla Memory Foam mattressTUFT & NEEDLE Original Mattress
Price for Twin size$499$500$594$495$506$499$499-
Price for Queen size$799$899$849$850$931$799$899$803
Koala’s awardThe best memory foam mattressThe best firm mattressThe best queen mattressThe best pressure-relieving mattressThe best mattress for couplesThe best cooling foam mattressThe best versatile mattressThe best breathable mattress

* Please note that these are the prices with and without discounts that are valid at the time of writing the article. We update them regularly, but you can click the link to check if the price has changed. 

What makes the best type of mattress under $1000 special? What are their features? Keep reading to find out.

The Nectar memory foam mattress — the best memory foam mattress

nectar memory foam mattress
  • Mattress type: memory foam
  • Firmness: medium to medium-firm
  • Thickness: 11 inches
  • Trial and Warranty: 365-night trial, forever warranty

We all want to get as much as possible for our money. Well, when it comes to mattresses, Nectar is one of the most cost-effective solutions, especially for couples. It is a bit less expensive and a bit more comfortable than average, but it is not the only reason to choose it. It is medium-firm, so if you have a partner, you will both enjoy sleeping on it. It is a memory foam mattress, there are no springs in it, so the motion isolation is just great. 

Yes, the construction is simple — there are 3 layers of memory foam of different densities, but they do their job perfectly. In general, it is good for all sleeper types, but it depends a lot on your weight. If you are very petite and want to find a super plush mattress, you may want to look for a softer mattress. If you are a heavier stomach sleeper, you may need something firmer. But if you are average, it is likely to work for you, no matter what your sleeping position is. 


  • Good price for a comfy mattress
  • 1 year to try it out
  • Very breathable mattress
  • Minimized motion transfer
  • Comes with a removable cover
  • Compatible with all bases and foundations
  • Pressure-relieving and supportive


  • Might be too soft for heavier people
  • Not made in the USA

Other similar options for your choice

NameAS3 by AmerisleepMint Mattress by Tuft & Needle
Twin price$804$595
Queen price$1,050$995

Helix Dawn mattress — the best firm mattress

helix dawn mattress
  • Mattress type: hybrid
  • Firmness: firm (8-9/10)
  • Thickness: 12 inches
  • Trial and Warranty: 100-night trial, 10-year warranty

Helix Dawn is a firm mattress, but it is rather a luxury firm one, which means that it doesn’t feel like you are sleeping on a plank. That is why if you prefer firmer beds and your partner is looking for more comfort, there is a chance that you will both like Helix Dawn. Moreover, there are individually pocketed coils in it, which along with memory foam layers, isolate motion perfectly. There are also cooling materials, and the mattress itself is pretty firm, so you are not going to sink too far in your bed, and again, that is great for most couples, you know, when it is sexy time, you really need something more responsive. Edges are pretty solid, too, so this is a great mattress for couples as well as for single sleepers overall. 


  • Perfect for back and stomach sleepers
  • Great spinal alignment
  • Great edge support
  • Pretty responsive
  • Doesn’t trap much heat
  • Not noisy


  • May be too firm for some sleepers

Other similar options for your choice

NameCasper Original Hybrid MattressSaatva Classic
Twin price$591$799
Queen price$1,101$1,199

Leesa Original mattress — the best queen mattress

leesa original  mattress
  • Mattress type: all-foam mattress
  • Firmness: medium-firm (5-7/10)
  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Trial and Warranty: 100-night trial, 10-year warranty

Some may argue that the Leesa mattress is pricier. Well, all you need is a discount, or our advice on when it's the best time to buy a mattress (for example, right now the price for the king size is only $999), and they are offered regularly. That is how you can get an amazing Leesa mattress for a very reasonable price. So, why is it so good? 

It is an all-foam mattress with 3 layers of foam. It is a very pressure-relieving mattress that contours to a sleeper’s body and feels very comfortable. It doesn’t mean that it is not supportive, though. The mattress has that nice medium-firm feel and is pretty supportive. That is why it works for all types of sleepers — it is dense enough for people who sleep on their back or stomach (unless they are much heavier than average), and it is soft enough for side sleepers looking for some great pressure relief. Another great thing about Leesa is that it absorbs motion very well, which makes it a good option for couples. 


  • Very durable, holds its shape
  • Gives a lot of relief 
  • Comes with a removable cover
  • Pretty bouncy
  • Good edge support
  • Works for most sleepers
  • Great mattress for couples


  • Traps some heat

Other similar options for your choice

NamePlank by Brooklyn BeddingLayla Memory Foam Mattress
Twin price$719$499
Queen price$999$899

Puffy mattress — the best pressure-relieving mattress

puffy mattress
  • Mattress type: all-foam
  • Firmness: medium-firm (4-6)
  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Trial and Warranty: 101-night trial, forever warranty

Puffy is one of the rare memory foam beds that come with a forever warranty. Moreover, they offer free returns and a 101-night trial. Why are they so sure that people will keep this mattress? They have plenty of reasons to think so, actually. 

The construction is simple, and that affects the price, in a good way, of course. There is a support core, transitional layer, and softer memory foam on the top of the mattress. Though the top layer is super soft and comfortable, you will not sink in this bed and feel stuck. Another important thing to mention is that it comes with a washable and stain-resistant cover, which means that you don’t have to buy a topper to protect your mattress. Moreover, it is also a versatile medium-firm mattress, so if you are looking for a foam mattress that isolates motion and works for different sleeping positions, Puffy might be exactly what you need. 


  • A versatile mattress for all sleeper types
  • Made in the USA
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Comes with a washable, stain-resistant cover
  • Minimizes motion
  • Breathable and cooling
  • Works with all frames and foundations


  • Not enough support for heavier back and stomach sleepers
  • May trap some heat

Other similar options for your choice

NameLoom & Leaf MattressThe Purple Mattress
Twin price$849$599
Queen price$1,499$1,149

Casper Original — the best mattress for couples

casper original mattress
  • Mattress type: all-foam
  • Firmness: medium-firm (7/10)
  • Thickness: 11 inches
  • Trial and Warranty: 100-night trial, 10-year warranty

What is the most important thing people should know about the Casper mattress? It is firmer than average and it provides support in multiple positions. In particular, it gives firm support and spinal alignment for back sleepers, and great support for hips for stomach sleepers. It is likely to be too firm for side sleepers, especially if they are petite and don’t change positions at night. 

The construction and the materials, in particular, Airscape foam, are aimed at trapping less heat and making the mattress more responsive. It is easy to roll around on Casper, change positions, and have sex, and though it traps some heat, it is still better at cooling than most other memory all-foam mattresses. It doesn’t transfer much motion, too, which makes it nearly perfect for couples looking for a durable and supportive mattress. 


  • Great for combo, back, and stomach sleeper
  • Pretty comfortable
  • Comes with a durable breathable knit cover
  • Great motion isolation, nice mattress for couples
  • Excellent edge support


  • Too firm for strict side sleepers

Other similar options for your choice

NameDreamCloud PremierThe Winkbed
Twin price$699$749
Queen price$1,199$1,299

Lull mattress — the best cooling foam mattress

lull mattress
  • Mattress type: all-foam
  • Firmness: medium-firm (7/10)
  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Trial and Warranty: 100-night trial, 10-year warranty

The lull mattress is considered one of the best foam mattresses on the market. What makes it special? The answer is inside of it. It is construction is pretty simple but really effective: it has the soft cover, gel-infused foam top layer (it helps distributing heat and provides great pressure relief), transition layer that is firm enough to prevent sinking in the bed, and the foam foundation that makes the Lull mattress more durable and, of course, supportive. 

It is a bit firmer mattress (about 7 out of 10). The soft layers are much thinner, so if you are petite, it will be softer for you, and if you are heavier, it will feel a bit firmer. It is good for all sleeping positions, but you need to consider your weight, too. For example, if you are slim and if you are a side sleeper, you may need a mattress with thicker soft layers for better pressure relief. Still, it is a perfect option for most back, stomach, and combo sleepers. 


  • Great value
  • Bounce foam feel
  • Balance of comfort and support
  • Works with all bed bases
  • No sinking in
  • Good temperature isolation
  • Isolates motion pretty well
  • Good edge support


  • Side sleepers may need a thicker comfort layer
  • Heavier sleepers may prefer something denser and more supportive

Other similar options for your choice

NameThe Nectar Memory Foam MattressLeesa Original Mattress
Twin price$499$599
Queen price$799$874

Layla memory foam mattress — the best versatile mattress

layla memory foam mattress
  • Mattress type: memory foam
  • Firmness: dual firmness, soft (4/10) or firmer (7/10)
  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Trial and Warranty: 120-night trial, forever warranty

Layla mattress is a truly unique product. It is flippable (that automatically solves the need of flipping mattress from time to time), and there are two sides — a softer and a firmer one. The dark grey side works better for those who are looking for some extra firmness, in particular, stomach and back sleepers, and the light grey side is better for side sleepers and other people who are looking for some extra comfort. Note that the firm side is not super-firm, just medium-firm, about 6-7 out of 10. Still, you get two mattresses in one, and that is great for those who are not sure if they need a softer or a firmer bed. It makes the Layla mattress absolutely versatile. 

Moreover, the manufacturer uses copper gel-infused foam that is as soft as the traditional memory foam, but it provides better support around problem body areas. It also prevents trapping heat, and that makes it perfect for those who love foam mattresses but hate waking up sweating in the middle of the night. 


  • Soft and firm, flippable mattress
  • A lot of pressure relief on the soft side
  • A lot of support on the firm side
  • Doesn’t trap much heat
  • Made in the USA
  • Made of antimicrobial materials


  • Hybrid might be better for heavier sleepers

Other similar options for your choice

NameAS3 by AmerisleepPlank by Brooklyn Bedding
Twin price$804$719
Queen price$1,050$999

TUFT & NEEDLE Original Mattress— the best breathable mattress

  • Mattress type: adaptive foam
  • Firmness: 8
  • Thickness: 10 inches
  • Trial and Warranty: 10 year warranty

The T&N Adaptive foam is much better than old-fashioned materials such as latex and memory foam. It helps to pull away heat with the help of gel beads and cooling graphite, covered with breathable velvet cover to help keep the cold and make you feel more comfortable


What is the best mattress under $1000?

There are at least 8 best mattresses under $1000, and we list and describe them all in this article. In particular, you can take a look at The Nectar memory foam mattress, Helix Dawn mattress, Leesa Original mattress, Puffy mattress, Casper Original, Lull mattress, and Layla memory foam mattress.

What's the best king size mattress?

The best king mattresses under $1000 are the Nectar mattress, Lull mattress, and Layla memory foam mattress. Which one to choose? Read the information on these mattresses in our article and make your choice considering your sleeping style and personal preferences. 

What is the best hybrid mattress?

Helix Dawn can be considered the best hybrid under $1000.

What is the best plush mattress?

Puffy can be considered the best plush mattress at this price. If you choose it, you will need to pay $495 for the twin size, and $850 for the queen size. 

What is the best firm mattress?

Helix Dawn is the best firm mattress under 1000 bucks. You can also take a look at Casper, Lull, and Layla mattresses. 


$1000 mattresses can be really, really good if you know how to choose them. We collected the best 8 options, and, as you can see, each of them has its benefits, as well as drawbacks. If you want your mattress to be ideal for you personally, you just need to consider your sleeping style and your preferences and choose the option that meets all your most important criteria. Firmer or softer? Better temperature regulation or ideal motion isolation? Foam or springs? Extra support or pressure relief? Just make your choice.